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Wax Trax owners celebrate 40 years in business! Denver’s Wax Trax records is a local icon. Jim Nash and Dannie Flesher opened the Capitol Hill store in 1975, then sold it to Dave Stidman and Duane Davis in 1978. Nash and Flesher moved to Chicago and opened another store, Wax Trax! (with an exclamation point). That store eventually spawned an influential underground record label and recently became the subject of a feature length documentary, INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT: The Story of Wax Trax! Records. The film tells the story of how Wax Trax! became the center of the underground scene in Chicago.

Interestingly enough, Wax Trax was equally influential on the Denver scene. It seems like half the sound guys and members of local bands over the years have worked for Wax Trax at one time or another, and nearly every musician in town has at least hung out there.

We congratulate Dave and Duane on 40 years, and hope they keep on rockin’!

Here’s a recent article from the Denver Post about the two stores.