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Kevin-Fitzgerald-touring with The Rolling Stones and The Who in their heyday? Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald talks about his days doing security for The Rolling Stones and other big-time bands…

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What was it like touring with The Rolling Stones in their heyday? Listen to this interview with our old friend Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald and find out! Now a nationally recognized veterinarian and popular stand-up comic, Dr. Kev shares some one-of-a-kind stories from his days doing security for rock ‘n’ roll royalty… He recently sat down with our old friend G Brown, longtime Denver rock critic and current executive director of the Colorado Music Experience, for a free-wheeling chat.

Here are some of the topics covered:

Growing up in Denver (0:52); concert promoter Barry Fey taking over the Colorado market (5:11); the birth of modern concert security (6:05); touring with the Rolling Stones (10:55); Mick Jagger accommodating patrons with disabilities (17:26); getting career advice from Keith Richards (18:33); being promoted to head of security for Feyline (19:43); policing bootleg merchandise (25:29); adventures with Willie Nelson (27:32); touring with Parliament-Funkadelic and Wu-Tang Clan (29:40); working for Grace Slick and the Jefferson Airplane (33:11); doing security for the Rev. Billy Graham (34:30); and mayhem at the Jamaican World Music Festival (35:12).

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