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We’re loving the new Formation Suite, and the great thing about this suite is that all the products work perfectly together if you’re looking for a whole-home system. They can also stand alone and seamlessly integrate with the passive system you already have.

Formation Gallery Photography

Formation Wedge

It’s a beautifully designed, wireless speaker with a 120-degree shape

that can fill any room with your favorite song. The subwoofer and

dual midrange drive units don’t hurt either.



Formation BarFormation Detail Photography

Our favorite addition to the home theater is the Formation Bar. Why? It has 9 loudspeaker

drive units that create room-filling, high-end sound quality that provides

crisp, clear dialog and enhances your movie-watching experience.




Formation Gallery PhotographyFormation Duo

For the veteran audiophiles and the hi-fi listeners out there,

the Formation Duo is the perfect speaker pair because they’re wireless,

beautifully designed and they live up to the “wired” audiophile standards of Bowers & Wilkins.




Formation Gallery Photography

Formation Audio

If you’re not looking for a whole-system upgrade, the Formation Audio is the perfect

piece. It will turn your passive, wired system into a high-fidelity, wireless system

perfect for streaming and enjoying your entire music collection.




Formation Gallery PhotographyFormation Bass

If you’re looking for a little more “boom”, the Formation Bass adds a new dimension to music,

TV, movies and games. It packs powerful, clean, sofa-shaking bass that you can see and

hear into a sophisticated and smart design.



Finally, we also love that there is virtually no set up, and the plug and play integration makes high-resolution streaming incredibly simple. You can find out more about these products online or at your local ListenUp showroom.


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