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ListenUp is proud to carry four models on the list!

The Absolute Sound recently released their 2018 Editors’ Choice Awards for Loudspeakers from $2000-$3000 , and our manufacturers are well represented. Here are some of the magazine’s kind words:
Revel Performa3 M106_1

Revel Performa3 M106
Revel’s M106 is cut from the same rich sonic fabric as its big brother the F206, but designed for smaller spaces. A vocal lover’s dream, the two-way M sports the same dome tweeter with acoustic-lens waveguide as the floorstander, creating a wide sweetspot, a rewarding lack of localization, and estimable composure under all sorts of dynamic fire. Even under punishing conditions this feisty compact remains linear. One of the great compacts of the last ten years.


Golden Ear Triton ThreeGolden Ear Triton Three
One of the best speakers for the price, this D’Appolito floorstander is one of CM’s favorite products. The Triton Threes offer an incredible performance-to-price ratio, and are equally adept in a two-channel system or a multichannel setup. Capable of handling up to 300W, with bass that dips to 29Hz, these three-way, five-driver speakers are perfect for starter systems or home-theater needs.


Bowers and Wilkins 705 S2

Bowers & Wilkins 705 S2
This new compact two-way hits it out of the park in sound quality, build, technology, and value. The midrange driver is based on techniques developed for the flagship 800 series, and the new tweeter sits on top of the cabinet for lower diffraction. Among its other virtues, the 705 S2 is seamless and coherent top to bottom, and has surprising dynamic punch and the ability to play loudly for its size. It is a product that few companies would have the ability and resources to match. A great performer and an outstanding bargain.

Tannoy Revolution XT 8F


Tannoy Revolution XT 8F
Superficially, this appears to be an ordinary two-way floorstander with an integrated spiked base. But looks, says DO, are deceiving. The star attraction here is a new 8″ coaxial driver, said to be a fresh interpretation of Tannoy’s point-source drive-unit philosophy. The coaxial woofer is allowed to work into the deep bass, augmented below 250Hz by a separate 8″ woofer. The end result is a superbly cohesive loudspeaker. Expect a colossal and transparent soundstage populated by tightly focused images. The Tannoy offers a virtuoso midrange with transient speed and timbral fidelity that are competitive with speakers approaching $10k retail. A great bargain.