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Throwback Thursday: ListenUp creates sound system and recording studio at the Rainbow

Several years after the legendary downtown Denver nightclub Ebbets Field ended its glorious run in 1976, concert promoters Barry Fey and Chuck Morris were looking for a new, bigger room. They finally decided on a location at Monaco and Evans in Southeast Denver and named their new 1,300-seat venue the Rainbow Music Hall. ListenUp installed the sound system, as well as an on-location recording studio for more live broadcasts and taping.

“We created a pretty amazing system – it still gets talked about,” says Walt. “ListenUp was doing more live broadcasting than had ever been done in Denver’s history. We worked with KADX, KHOW, KBPI, KFML and several others. The stations covered a lot of ground – jazz, country, rock, free-form. And we worked with some of the legends of the music industry, such as Bob Dylan, Miles Davis and U2. It really wacdm_251232s a heady time, with a lot of exposure for ListenUp and the Rainbow, which was, like Ebbets, named Billboard magazine’s ‘Club of the Year.’ Then we branched out into classical, recording the Denver [now Colorado] Symphony Orchestra, and the National Repertory Orchestra, too.”


For more on the Rainbow, check out this article from the Denver Public Library:


And here’s a video from a local late night broadcast of Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul (featuring Steve Van Zandt from the E-Street Band):