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In this piece, does a nice overview of SVS and takes a look at the SB-2000 Subwoofer…

by Scott Schumer

SVS_sb-2000_1-thumb-800xauto-20073SVS may have solidified a name for itself with its Prime and Ultra speakers, wireless audio products, and accessories, but these lines could disappear tomorrow and the brand’s reputation wouldn’t suffer a bit thanks to its world-class subwoofers. And while its gargantuan bass-making machines may get the most attention, it’s at the lower end of the lineup where I sit up and start to pay attention. SVS recently sent me their SB-2000 for a roundup of sub-$1,000 subwoofers, but while we are amassing a proper market breadth of such offerings, we decided to also evaluate the SB-2000 on its own merits…

Subwoofer lines from SVS currently include the 1000, 2000, new 30004000, and 16-Ultra Series. To over-simplify a bit, as you climb the ladder, you add a few nice features and certainly more low-frequency depth, but also the ability to pressurize larger spaces with more bass energy.

There are, of course, other ways to add more bass energy to your room without moving to a larger cabinet. SVS advocates the use of multiple subs in a room for a variety of reasons. In most cases, a listening room will benefit from two smaller subs versus one large sub, due to the fact that each sub will have different peaks and dips caused by the geometry of the room and its placement therein. In short, installing multiple subs will give you more even bass coverage over a larger number of seating positions.

SVS makes available both sealed and ported versions of all its subwoofer lines. Their ported offerings deliver lower bass than their sealed equivalents, though of course, there are many other sonic considerations between these two types of enclosures.


SVS SB-2000 Powered Subwoofer (Piano Black)
SVS SB-2000 Powered Subwoofer (Premium Black Ash)