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We’ve got exciting news from SVS, one of the hottest brands in the industry! The SVS Prime Wireless System, an amazing leap in wireless speaker sound, is now available in our retail showrooms and online store…

SVS Prime Wireless System lifestyle shot

SVS Prime Wireless

The SVS Prime Wireless is a high-performance wireless speaker system that will thrill even the most discerning listeners. Some wireless speakers sound decent for their lifestyle-oriented design, but they can’t really crete an immersive listening experience. SVS Prime Wireless delivers elevated sound quality for those who want a wireless solution that’s good for more than just background music…

The SVS Prime Wireless Speaker System represents a seismic shift in the world of audio because it refutes the notion that smart wireless speakers can’t provide a thrilling and immersive listening experience. Prime Wireless delivers crisp, accurate and full range sound with stunning dynamic impact and a convincing stereo image. Its active-passive speaker array combines that experience with smart speaker control and advanced connectivity.


“Top Choice 2018”

AVS Forum represents the largest community of AV enthusiasts in the world. It recently named the Prime Wireless Speaker System its “Top Choice 2018” for wireless speakers. Here’s a great quote from the review:

“Their ability to 3D image is uncanny; you’ll find yourself appreciating music that’s well produced. They deliver a crisp sound that lets you listen deeply into the mix. For standing out in a crowded field of wireless speakers that simply do not sound as good, SVS gets a Top Choice award for 2018. It’s a high-performance audiophile-quality lifestyle-friendly solution to adding great sound to any room. An undeniably easy way to achieve audio nirvana. The Prime Wireless speakers are exactly what anyone in the know would expect from the price/performance leader in the world of audio.”



– True stereo separation for more immersive and natural sounding music
– 200-watt amplifier delivers commanding 50-watts to each driver for effortless power and room-energizing dynamics
– 192KHz/24-bit DAC for pristine sound quality
– Sophisticated active digital crossover renders precisely tuned output and commanding bass by optimizing power from amplifier for bold and explosive sound with revealing clarity
– WiFi connectivity for uninterrupted wireless streaming and direct access to your favorite streaming stations, playlists and more
– Bluetooth with aptX and AAC for the highest fidelity wireless streaming from iOS or Android smartphones or tablets
– Critical Listening Mode enables 192KHz/24-bit lossless streaming for the most discerning audiophiles
– Compact, stylish and acoustically refined cabinet optimized for sound quality

SVS Prime Wireless System

The Prime Wireless powered speaker system made its world premiere at our 2018 Music Matters event. In the video below, our own Kristina Wright talks to Mitch Witten, senior director of strategic development at SVS.