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Take advantage of this special offer from Soundcast and save $50 on the VG5 or $100 on the VG7

Whether you’re looking to provide music for the big game, a campout or around the Bar-B-Que at home, turn your gathering into a rockin’ party with the Soundcast Tailgate Special Promotion on VG Power Portable speakers!
What is a Power Portable?
A power portable is a unit that can deliver full frequency, deep bass sound that you’re accustomed to from your home system, while freeing you from the restrictions of hard-wire audio.

“The Soundcast VG7 is a speaker that can do it all, offering immersive sound and full-range acoustics, while providing a sleek design and a size that is able to travel with you.”
— Jesse James,

“Soundcast VG7 gives back in performance and pride of ownership what it asks from your wallet. Its superior build quality is evident from the first moment you lay hands on it, and its combination of superb sound quality, reliable operation, and day-to-day ease of use makes it a product you’ll just want to haul out and enjoy again and again. Add to this its portability and weather-resistant durability, and you’ve got one serious party on the go. The VG7 is a true leader in its class, and highly recommended.”
— Sound & Vision

Soundcast VG5 Power Portable Outdoor Speaker with Bluetooth   $499.99   $449.99
Soundcast VG7 Power Portable Outdoor Speaker with Bluetooth   $799.99   $699.99


Save 33% on the VG1 waterproof outdoor speaker

Rugged elegance meets audio nirvana
A rugged take-anywhere, everywhere design, the VG1 is fully waterproof. Don’t let the performance stop — carry along the VG1 with you wherever you go. Whether it’s at the pool, the gym, hiking or just hanging at the hotel, the VG1 is the perfect travel companion for your the destination.
Soundcast VG1 Waterproof Outdoor Speaker with Bluetooth     $149.99   $99.99