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Receive a discount for upgrading your Sonos system! Turn in your eligible Sonos products to receive a discount toward an upgraded listening experience.


1. Bring your Connect:Amp and/or your Play5 – Generation 1 to your local ListenUp showroom.
2. Pick out one new Sonos product for each eligible product you turn in and receive a 25% discount through ListenUp.
3. Enjoy your upgraded system!

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  • Best technology: Get Sonos’ latest technology and features to ensure that your system sounds and performs its best going forward
  • More power: With more than double the power of Connect:Amp, Sonos Amp ensures that all your speakers sound their best — or lets you upgrade to even more powerful ones
  • Better TV support: Sonos Amp has an HDMI-ARC connection, which lets you hook it up to the TV and have a synchronized audio and video experience, including controlling it with your preferred remote
  • AirPlay2: Sonos Amp is AirPlay2 compatible, so you can play all your content — from YouTube to Netflix — directly from any iOS device


  • Since the first Sonos products were released more than ten years ago, we’ve enhanced the Sonos experience through new products with vastly improved performance and reliability.
  • While these older products are still supported, we’d love to give you the best listening experience we can. Trade-up to our new products and modernize your Sonos sound experience.
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What products are eligible?
– Connect:Amp, Play5 – Gen1.

Play5 Gen 1 Serial Photo


What is the offer?
– Customers can get 25% off any single Sonos product, for each product they trade up.

How do I get my discount?
– There are two ways! 1. You can bring in your Connect:Amp, Play5 – Gen1 to your ListenUp showroom and find your new Sonos product. 2. After you pick out your new Sonos product, you can have your ListenUp installer bring it to your home and they will remove your old Connect:Amp or Play5 – Gen1 for you.

What improvements do new products offer?
– Latest technology and capabilities

– Feature parity with latest system upgrades

– Increased system reliability

What issues are possible with older products?
– Aging technology and capabilities
– Lack of feature parity
– Decreased system reliability

Disclaimer: Trade-ins for upgrades are in-store-only. Products must be physically brought to a ListenUp showroom.