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In the movies and television of years past, there were futuristic characters that lived in homes that had technology beyond the wildest dreams of the viewers at the time: robots who tackled the chores, electronics operated by voice commands, and appliances that were all able of “talking” to each other. As it turns out, our modern day isn’t too far off from that.

Smart home products are considered those that can help contribute to the automation of your home – that is, automating your ability to control any number of items in your home with just a single button push or voice command. Home automation solutions are quickly growing to include every room in the house, with exciting innovations being introduced all the time.


Smart Home Expert Guide

Here are few of today’s hottest smart home products that have the professional team at ListenUp® talking:

  • Advanced control systems. These are often considered the “mother ship” of home automation, allowing you control all of your smart home products from your smartphone or tablet. The most popular are the Savant automation system, the Crestron home automation system, and the Control4 automation system. At ListenUp, we can help you implement one or more of these systems to make living in your home easier than ever.

  • Smart lighting. Lightbulbs may seem like an inconsequential item in your home, but smart bulbs can make a big impact in some ways. You can purchase bulbs that are controlled by a system like Control4 or something that works with your Amazon Alexa. Either way, using technology to dim the lights during the day can help you go green, and illuminating your space while you are out of town is an excellent security measure.

  • Smart TVs. Though this technology isn’t necessarily brand new, it just keeps getting better and better. Enjoy all of your favorite entertainment – music, streaming video, you name it – all from the convenience of your television screen.

Smart homes are on the rise, and for a good reason. Not only does it add incredible convenience to your lifestyle, but smart home devices can even save you money in the long run. Think about being able to control your lights, climate control, and appliances from miles away, and develop a schedule that works to avoid unnecessary electricity usage – talk about the potential for energy costs savings!

If you’d like to learn more about choosing the perfect smart home devices for yourself or anyone in your life, check out the ListenUp blog. As a leader in the electronics industry, we are passionate about sharing our expertise with customers, and can’t wait to help you design your very own connected home

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