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Zvox SoundBase 670

Single Cabinet Surround Speaker System
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Zvox SoundBase 670 Details

ZVOX SoundBase® 670 Single Cabinet Surround Speaker System: The slim solution!
  • An engaging surround-sound experience from one cabinet
  • Made for TVs up to 70 inches
  • Improved sound
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Super-clear vocals
  • "Commercial taming" technology
  • Multiple inputs including front-panel iPod®/Portable plug
  • Works with your remote!
"The ZVOX SoundBase 670 is well-built and will hold TVs up to 70 inches in size. Its dialogue mode really improves intelligibility, which can be a real savior for the hard of hearing. Movies sound good, and the base has plenty of inputs."
    Editors’ Choice, PC Magazine

At just 3.5 inches high, the ZVOX SoundBase® 670 home theater system can be placed beneath your flat-panel TV so you can have surround sound without adding a lot of clutter to your room. It requires no external speakers, subwoofer or speaker wires. The 670 reproduces TV shows, music and movie soundtracks with lifelike accuracy, including crystal-clear vocals and thunderous bass. And the ZVOX PhaseCue® virtual surround system delivers remarkable three-dimensional sound.

With aptX Bluetooth connectivity, you can stream music from your phone or tablet wirelessly. The entire sound bar system, including five full-range speakers, amplifier, virtual surround technology and powered subwoofer, fits into a single slim cabinet. With only one connecting cord and a one-page owner's manual, it is truly "plug and play." The cabinet is robustly constructed using fully-braced MDF (medium density fiberboard), not molded plastic. The 670 includes the ZVOX AccuVoice® feature, which uses hearing aid technology to create super-clear voice reproduction – no more turning up the sound to understand what’s being said! And the Output Leveling feature automatically turns down loud commercials. You can also program the ZVOX system so that it works with your current remote control. A large, easy-to-read display is hidden under the front grille, and disappears when you’re not using it.

The SoundBase 670 is an ideal home theater system for people who want great sound, great style and innovative features – without the clutter and complexity of conventional surround sound systems.

Great sound
The most important feature for any home theater system is high quality sound. The 670 uses a new amplifier design with extremely accurate frequency response and creates a warm, natural sound and surprisingly powerful bass.

PhaseCue® II Virtual Surround Sound
The 670 uses ZVOX's proprietary PhaseCue II virtual surround processing to give you rich, three-dimensional sound with movies or music. With music, PhaseCue II creates a very wide soundstage - it literally sounds like you are listening to speakers eight feet apart from each other. When listening to a good movie, the soundtrack will envelop you, putting you in the middle of the action. While no virtual surround system - including ours - will give you the surround effects of a good 5.1 system, the ZVOX 670 does a remarkable job. Sound & Vision magazine calls our PhaseCue processing "remarkably ingenious."

Built-In Bluetooth wireless audio
After a thorough search where we tested a large number of options, ZVOX chose the BlueGiga Bluetooth solution for our new SoundBase systems. Compared to the other systems we tested, the BlueGiga module provided much more reliable connectivity and better range. It also allows for superior audio quality with fully digital internal connections and the aptX software codec. We don't know of a Bluetooth solution that offers better connectivity, range and sound quality than BlueGiga.

Green design
The 670 uses a highly-efficient Class D digital amplifier. Even playing at quite loud volumes, it usually uses less than 10 watts of total power. And standby power usage tends to hover around 0.1 watts - making it one of the "greenest" audio systems ever made.

Setting a new standard for vocal clarity
ZVOX systems are known for their remarkable vocal clarity. The 670 adds a stunning new feature: AccuVoice. When you push the "DE" button on the remote control you engage a circuit that mimics the functions of a hearing aid. The frequencies used by human voices are dynamically emphasized, while other frequencies are minimized. We don't know of any other speaker system that provides such an easy-to-use and effective method for improving the intelligibility of television dialog.

Uses your remote control
The new SoundBase system can be programmed to respond to your remote control. The illuminated display walks you through a less-than-a-minute programming cycle. Then your TV remote...or cable box remote...or satellite receiver remote...or ANY remote...can control volume, mute, and power functions of the ZVOX system.The 670 uses a highly advanced processor to digitally tailor the sound for excellent frequency response. The result is a very smooth, very accurate sound. This SoundBase system doesn't sound like a "sound bar," it sounds like an audiophile quality speaker system.

Taming loud commercials
If you've ever been blasted out of your chair by a too-loud commercial - or by a cable channel that's twice as loud as another channel - you'll love the new Output Leveling (OL) feature on the ZVOX 670. Just push the OL button and a sophisticated processor takes over, making soft sounds louder and loud sounds softer, so there are fewer jarring moments when switching channels or when commercials come on. This system also helps by boosting the audio levels from a DVD or Blu Ray player that is not loud enough.

Disappearing display
The 670 features a four-digit display located behind the speaker grille that shows the current setting for volume, bass, treble and PhaseCue II® (virtual surround) - and also shows when you have engaged the Mute, Output Leveling (OL) or Dialog Emphasis (DE) features. A few seconds after you stop using your remote (or front panel) controls, the display disappears completely.

Multiple Inputs, front-panel connection for iPod® and other devices
The 670 has two analog audio inputs, two optical (Toslink) digital inputs, one coaxial digital input - plus a front panel 3.5mm analog stereo input for convenient connection of your iPod or other portable audio device. Any specific input can be selected using either the remote control or the slim-line module below the speaker grille. The two digital inputs work with a built-in Dolby Digital decoder, which can improve virtual surround performance and allow for simplified connections to a wide variety of TVs, cable boxes and disc players.

Wood (MDF) Cabinet
The 670 features a hand-built cabinet of heavy MDF. Its low-profile design blends perfectly with flat-panel TVs. Most people don’t even notice the ZVOX 670...until they hear it.

Additional Information

Name Zvox SoundBase 670
Sub Title Single Cabinet Surround Speaker System
Manufacturer ZVOX
Manufacturer Part# 670

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  • Enclosure: Bass Reflex
  • Pieces in System: 1
  • Color: Black
  • Tweeter: None
  • Midrange: 2"x3" Full-range (5)
  • Woofer: 5-1/4" Sub (3)
  • Separate Subwoofer: No
  • Subwoofer Driver: None
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Yes
  • Wall-mountable: No
  • Mounting Bracket Included: No
  • Surface Mount Stand Included: No
  • System Frequency Response: 45-20k Hz
  • Powered System: Yes
  • Sound Bar RMS Power: 105
  • Subwoofer RMS Power: N/A
  • Mini Stereo Audio Inputs: 1
  • RCA Stereo Audio Inputs: 2
  • Optical Digital Audio Inputs: 2
  • Coaxial Digital Audio Inputs: 1
  • HDMI Audio Video Connections
  • HDMI Inputs: None
  • HDMI Outputs: None
  • Sound Bar (inches): 3.5H x 36.125W x 18.06D
  • Sound Bar Weight: 26 lbs

What's in the Box

  • Soundbar speaker base
  • 59" AC power cord
  • Remote control
  • 2 "AAA" batteries
  • 6.5' Stereo RCA cable
  • 58" Stereo minijack-to-RCA cable
  • 6' Optical digital cable
  • Setup/Operation Manual
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • "Using Bluetooth" instructions
  • "Adjustment Options" guide
  • Remote Control Instructions
  • "Alternative Adjustment Guide For Remote Control" booklet
  • Warranty Sheet