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Audioengine Free 90-day Trial for Tidal Music Service

FREE 90-day trial of TIDAL Music Streaming with purchase of select Audioengine models
For a limited time, when you purchase Audioengine speakers, DACs, Bluetooth or wireless receivers, you'll also receive 90 days of TIDAL for free! Simply make your purchase, and follow the instructions in your email order confirmation (or click here).

Why is TIDAL better? TIDAL tracks and albums are streamed at 1411 Kbps instead of 256-320 Kbps (used by Apple Music, Spotify and others). That’s full CD quality. TIDAL simply sounds better. There’s more info, so you hear details and ambient cues that are missing on lower bit services. Tidal is a true music lovers dream featuring over 35 million tracks and 75,000 high definition videos.

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Audioengine Free 90-day Trial for Tidal Music Service

Find Audioengine D3 at ListenUp
Async USB Digital-to-Analog Converter/Headphone Amp
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