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Soundbar 2.0-Channel Home Theater Speaker

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ZVOX SB400 Details

Zvox SB400 Soundbar 2.0-Channel Home Theater Speaker

  • Room-filling 3D sound from a single aluminum cabinet.
  • AccuVoice® feature uses hearing aid technology to deliver ultra-clear dialogue.
  • Bluetooth wireless music streaming from your phone or tablet.
  • Built-in subwoofer with MegaBass produces great bass without external subwoofer.
  • Works with your current remote control.
  • Output Leveling tames loud commercials.
  • Multiple inputs make it simple to add a multi-zone streaming audio receiver.
  • Works well with TVs from 37”- 70”.

The ZVOX SB400 is a precision made, finely tuned home theater system in a single, stylish aluminum cabinet. Inside you’ll find three high performance speakers (including a center speaker), a built-in powered subwoofer and a 118-watt digital amplifier. The ZVOX MegaBass system uses advanced digital contouring to deliver astonishing bass from the slim (3.2”) cabinet. Unlike most sound bars, no external subwoofer is needed. PhaseCue® virtual surround creates three-dimensional home theater sound from one cabinet. And the revolutionary AccuVoice system uses hearing aid technology to deliver incredibly clear voices – on movies, TV shows or sporting events. Output Leveling tames loud commercials. aptX Bluetooth provides wireless connectivity with your phone or tablet so you can stream music through the SB400. It’s easy to program the SB400 so it will work with virtually any remote control. If you want great home theater sound, designer styling and really useful features – but without all the complications – the SB400 is a great option.

The SB400 can be placed on its "back" in situations where space is at a premium. In this installation the LED display is replaced with an LED indicator light. See photo gallery for examples.

Great Sound
The most important feature for any home theater system is high quality sound. The SB400 uses three high-performance speakers, a built-in powered subwoofer, an acoustically stable aluminum cabinet and a 118-watt Class D digital amplifier to create warm, natural sound and surprisingly powerful bass.

Uses your Remote Control
The SB400 can be programmed to respond to your remote control. The illuminated display walks you through the process in less than a minute. Then your TV remote or cable box remote or satellite receiver remote or any remote can control volume, mute, and power.

Taming Loud Commercials
If you've ever been blasted out of your chair by a too-loud commercial, or by a cable channel that's twice as loud as another channel, you'll love the Output Leveling (OL) feature on the ZVOX SB400. Just push the 'OL' button and a sophisticated compression system takes over, making soft sounds louder and loud sounds softer, so there are fewer jarring moments when switching channels or when commercials come on.

Adapts To Multi-Zone Wifi Audio
The SB400 has multiple inputs so you can easily connect audio devices in addition to your TV. For example, connect a Chromecast® Audio device (optional, not included with system) and you can use the SB400 as part of a multi-zone wifi audio system. Plus it has built-in Bluetooth wireless streaming from your phone or tablet.

Big Sound From Small Cabinet
You don't need a room full of speakers for home theater sound. The SB400 uses the PhaseCue virtual surround system to give you rich, three-dimensional sound with movies or music. Sound & Vision Magazine says the PhaseCue system “creates an impressive spread of sound, far larger than the box itself, remarkably ingenious.”

Clear Voice Reproduction
Do you ever have trouble understanding voices while watching a TV show? Then you’ll love the AccuVoice feature on the SB400. It uses hearing aid technology to tailor the sound so voices are crystal-clear. No other system matches the voice clarity of AccuVoice.

Slim Aluminum Cabinet
The SB400 features a stylish, slim cabinet constructed of anodized aluminum – not plastic. The metal design provides low-resonance audio characteristics, and allows the SB400 to produce room-filling sound while maintaining a slim cabinet depth of 3.2 inches.

The new ZVOX MegaBass feature uses digital processing to tailor sound and control the subwoofer to a degree never before achieved. The result is robust, accurate bass – down to 58 Hz – without an external subwoofer. You won’t believe it…until you hear it.

Bluetooth Streaming
The system uses an aptX Bluetooth receiver to stream high quality music wirelessly from your phone, tablet or computer. Play iTunes, Pandora, Spotify or other music formats wirelessly through the ZVOX system.

Additional Information

Name ZVOX SB400
Sub Title Soundbar 2.0-Channel Home Theater Speaker
Manufacturer ZVOX
Manufacturer Part# SB400

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  • Dimensions: 35.5 "W x 3.3 "D x 5.7 "H
  • Weight: 9.8 pounds. With box and packing: 14 pounds.
  • Amplifier: The SB400 uses a high-efficiency 118 watt Class D digital amplifier.
  • Inputs: (1) analog stereo input, (1) optical (Toslink) digital input, (1) coaxial digital input, (1) Bluetooth
  • Frequency range: 58 Hz - 20 kHz.
  • Virtual surround sound: The SB400 uses ZVOX's proprietary PhaseCue virtual surround sound processing. PhaseCue, as its name implies, manipulates the phase of the separate channels to "fool the ear" into believing that sound is coming from a variety of sources throughout the room. The benefits of PhaseCue vary greatly based on program material. Live music and well-recorded modern movie soundtracks will deliver rich, three-dimensional sound – pulling the sound out from the speakers and into the room, literally surrounding the listener. Note: All virtual surround systems – including the PhaseCue system – are limited in their effects when compared to a good 5.1 system. And sitcoms, news broadcasts and soundtracks from older movies often have very little in the way of three-dimensional sound. That being said, PhaseCue is capable of generating a wonderful and engaging virtual surround experience.
  • BlueGiga Bluetooth Wireless Audio with aptX for optimal connectivity, range and sound quality
  • AccuVoice (Dialog Emphasis) and Output Leveling Features
  • Woofers: (1) 4" long-excursion woofer
  • Speakers: (3) 2" long-excursion full-range speakers
  • The ZVOX SB400 is backed by a one year limited parts and labor warranty

    What's in the Box
  • One stereo RCA to stereo RCA connecting cable
  • One optical digital (TOSLINK) cable
  • One stereo RCA to 3.5mm mini plug
  • Multifunction ZVOX remote control with cable/satellite remote programming guide
  • Power cord
  • One-sheet safety instructions, operations manual, Quick Start guide, warranty card.