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Magnepan 3.7 (Black Cloth / Gloss Red Trim)

Floorstanding Quasi-Ribbon Speakers
This product is available in store only.
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This product is available in-store only.
Have questions or wish to purchase? Inquire here »

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Magnepan 3.7 (Black Cloth / Gloss Red Trim) Details

Magnepan 3.7 Floorstanding Quasi-Ribbon Speaker: A new update of an old classic

  • 3-way, full-range ribbon design
  • Made in America
  • Also available as an upgraded 3.7i version; current 3.7 owners can have the upgrade to the 3.7i done at the Magnepan factory for $500
  • Available in a variety of trim types and fabric colors
"Maggie’s new, three-way, true-ribbon/quasi-ribbon planar 3.7 successfully addresses three issues that have long vexed ‘true-ribbon’ Maggies: the seamless integration of that ribbon with the other planar-magnetic drivers; the retention of detail and dynamic range at relatively low volume levels; and the reduction of “Maggie graininess.” The solution of these problems combined with the famous virtues of true-ribbon Magnepans (neutrality, low distortion, high resolution, superb transient response, lifelike timbres, and natural imaging and soundstaging) produce what is, in Jonathan Valin’s opinion, the best buy in a high-fidelity transducer regardless of price."
    — 6 Greatest "Mid-Priced" Bargains In High-End Audio, The Absolute Sound

The Magneplanar 3.7 is a major update of the legendary Magneplanar 3.6. Though the frame and cosmetics are mostly the same (with the additional option of aluminum trim), the underlying technology has significantly changed. The 3.7 is still a 3-way model, like the 3.6, but, it now employs a full-range ribbon design, like the highly acclaimed 1.7. Magnepan calls this "trickle-up" technology, as the concepts that worked so well in the 1.7 were incorporated in the 3.7.

The 3.7's are built in mirror-image pairs, which means they can be set up with the tweeters toward the center, for greater focus and imaging specificity, or with tweeters to the outside, for a larger "sweet spot" and more expansive soundstage.

A tradition of innovation and advanced technology
Have you ever noticed that instruments projected from small boxes sitting on the floor sound like they are coming out of boxes on the floor? This problem can be partially corrected by placing the box speakers on tall speaker stands. However, the sound still seems to be coming out of a box, because that's precisely what it is doing. The patented Magneplanar principle eliminates these problems by a fundamentally different approach to sound propagation. The Magneplanar projects sound from top to bottom, giving the sound height as well as stereo width and depth. In the concert hall, instruments project in all directions. Instead of projecting sound out of a box, Magneplanars project in all directions, which closely duplicates the original performance.

Additional Information

Name Magnepan 3.7 (Black Cloth / Gloss Red Trim)
Sub Title Floorstanding Quasi-Ribbon Speakers
Manufacturer Magnepan
Manufacturer Part# Magneplanar 3.7

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  • Frequency Response: 35Hz- 40 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 86dB/500Hz /2.83v
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Dimensions (W x H x D in inches): 24 x 71 x 1.625