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Soundcast OutCast

Portable Wireless Indoor/Out Weather-resist Speaker
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Soundcast OutCast Details

Soundcast OutCast Portable Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Weather-resistant Speaker: Take your music wherever you want!
  • Designed for use with Soundcast BlueCast Bluetooth Receiver, iCast, or UAT Transmitters to tailor your audio needs and stream your music wirelessly
  • Weather-resistant: Entertain indoors and outdoors with no fear from the elements
  • Receive and control wireless content from your iPod, computer, MP3 player and even your TV
  • Built-in backlit keypad controls and blue ambient light underneath; you can adjust music without even touching your device!
  • 20 hour built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery for extended music play on the go
  • Incredible 360 degrees of sound, with 100 watts of audio power and an 8-inch woofer

The Soundcast OutCast is a wireless, weather-resistant speaker that creates rich omni-directional stereo sound throughout your house, backyard or patio. You can even enjoy its high-quality sound on boating excursions, beach vacations, and outdoor parties. With a broadcast range of up to 300 feet, this powerful wireless speaker receives transmissions through walls, floors, and ceilings without the hassle of running wires. Use the BlueCast, iCast, or UAT transmitters to tailor your audio needs and stream your music wirelessly.

The OutCast can receive and control wireless transmissions from your iPod, computer, MP3 player and even your TV! With onboard controls, you can adjust volume, track up/down, and pause/play audio for remote operation of your iPod or computer. Finally, you have the freedom to blast your music wherever you want without the trouble of burning CDs from your computer or worrying about your iPod getting lost, wet or dropped as people fumble with the buttons.

High-performance sound combined with rugged construction
The OutCast sounds like no other wireless speaker in the industry. With an 8" downward firing woofer and four 3" high frequency drivers in an omni-directional array, OutCast projects bass you can feel and high range notes with clarity normally heard only on high-end stereo equipment. Never again will you suffer through crackles, pops and buzzes of inferior wireless gear. Be confident that the 100-watt built-in amplifer of a single OutCast speaker is more than enough to power your top tunes in the middle of a big family reunion backyard BBQ.

The most challenging part of the OutCast setup is removing it from the box!
The brilliance of the Soundcast OutCast lies as much in its simplicity as its phenomenal sound. Charging the built-in battery is the first step of truly wireless audio, but you can also use AC power if you're looking for immediate audio playback. The sturdy design and weight of the OutCast makes it more than tough enough to stand up to errant soccer balls or curious pets.

The SoundCast System?
The SoundCast System is a simple coordination of transmitters and receivers, with the OutCast being one of multiple receiver options within the SoundCast System. Other receivers include the Outcast Jr, the SubCast, the iCast Receiver and the SpeakerCast. Transmitters include the iCast transmitter for iPod/iPhone transmission and the Universal Audio Transmitter (UAT) for computer and other MP3 audio transmission. Read more about these other transmitters and receivers below.

SoundCast uses frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology in which the transmitter constantly and automatically searches for open channels in the 2.4GHz band, jumping to them to avoid interference with other products such as cordless telephones, radio controlled toys, cell phones, microwaves, remotes and wireless routers.

Additional Information

Name Soundcast OutCast
Sub Title Portable Wireless Indoor/Out Weather-resist Speaker
Manufacturer Soundcast
Manufacturer Part# OutCast

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Data Rate: 1.536Mbps
Modulation: Frequency Hopping, FSK Digital Radio
Transmission Type: Transceiver (Bi-directional)
Addressing for 3 mating for ID Tx/Rx bonding
Co-existence: Impervious to 802.11, microwave oven, both DSSS FHSS cordless phones and Bluetooth devices
Operating frequency: 2400-2483Mhz
Channel Width: 2.0Mhz
THD+N: 0.07% @ 1Khz
SNR: 92.4dB A-weighted (20-20kHz)
Latency: 64ms (some products include selectable latency)
Frequency Response: 20-20Khz +/- 1dB
Typical Range: up to 150 feet indoors, up to 350 feet outdoors
Transmitter Power: 19dBm (FCC and ETSI Compliant
Operating temperature: 0 to +50CDimensions: 16.5 x 16 x 33.5 inches
Shipping Weight: 33 pounds