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Sonus faber Olympica Nova CII - Center Channel Speaker (Wenge)

Center Channel Speaker
This product is available in store only.
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This product is available in-store only.
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Sonus faber Olympica Nova CII - Center Channel Speaker (Wenge) Details

Olympica Nova CII (Wenge): The center channel of Music!

  • “Stealth Ultraflex”, stand mount loudspeaker system
  • Reflex Port
  • Paracross Topology
  • 28 mm silk soft dome tweeter with Damped Apex Dome technology

Sonus faber Olympica Collection is one of the first lines presented as a complete family of products, but above all, the very first one to feature original drivers, entirely designed in Sonus faber. Sophisticated and refined, this center channel delivers vocals and instruments with purity and precision for totally convincing sound reproduction.

Olympica Nova is the second generation of the iconic family of 2013, improved in its form and substance, imbued with the timeless values that inspired us in creating the original line.

The result is a new Collection that embraces the most advanced technologies that already enhance our most prestigious creations.

The lack of flat and parallel walls improves enclosure performance and maintains the typical asymmetrical Lute shape of first generation Olympica.

The asymmetrical shape of the cabinet is an original design concept that allows versatile positioning of the speakers to tune the bass response in any room.

Inspired by nature, the lines follow the flow of a circular spiral motion, achieving a more organic cabinet structure. No longer just a functional element added to handle airflow, the reflex duct is now fully integrated into the cabinet, further improving the speed and transparency of sound.

Similar to the Homage Tradition and Reference Collections, the walls are made with eight layers of bended wood, providing the cabinet with extreme rigidity. Inside the cabinet, carefully placed structural ribs are used as reinforcement to reduce vibration and to handle the overall power of the transducers movement.

The 28 mm silk soft dome tweeter features the DAD technology (Damped Apex Dome) that enhances the smoothness and extension in the high frequency by applying local dampening to the apex typically responsible for anti-phase behavior of soft dome diaphragms. The DAD structure has been totally redesigned; a solid piece of aluminum die-cast includes both arch and ring on the dome to increase the strength and accuracy of the system.

The crossover network implements Paracross Topology, making the crossover less sensitive to radio-frequency interference, improving transient response and lowering noise floor. The filtering topology features new exclusive Clarity Cap capacitors, customized for Sonus faber.

The woofer cone is made in Italy and benefits from an exclusive sandwich construction technique: two sheets of cellulose pulp are combined with a hi-tech syntactic foam in between them. This low-mass, high-rigidity structure provides fast and powerful sound reproduction while allowing total coherence with the mid-high units.

The solid piece of extruded aluminum that completes the Stealth Ultraflex system, an extremely low-turbulence porting system, is inherited from Homage Tradition models. Favoring the profile of sea waves, the structure facilitates airflow through the duct while controlling its speed and reducing the distortion-causing turbulence.

The midrange has been designed and built completely in Sonus faber laboratories. The cone is comprised of an air-dried, non-pressed blend of cellulose pulp, Kapok, Kenaf, and other natural fibers. This natural treatment gives the cone a slightly rough surface of varying density, which reduces cone resonance, guaranteeing a natural sound with increased transparency and greater detail.

Just like the rest of the cabinet, the front baffle is made in the walnut or wenge hand-finished natural wood. The Sonus faber designers wished to pay homage to the most representative material of Sonus faber, making it even more of a standard-bearer.

The natural leather embellishes the tweeter and the pair of midranges and enriches the aesthetic rings around the woofers. Genuine Italian leather that as per Sonus faber's brand tradition, is applied by hand in the production department in Vicenza.

The center channels have been designed with new custom Aluminum extruded stands that feature a cable guide, to hide power cable in the column.

Additional Information

Name Sonus faber Olympica Nova CII - Center Channel Speaker (Wenge)
Sub Title Center Channel Speaker
Manufacturer Sonus faber
Manufacturer Part# NOVA-CII-WEN

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    3 way, full para-aperiodic vented box “Stealth Ultraflex”, stand mount loudspeaker system

    • Tw: H28 XTR3, Neodymium “cup design” motor system with DAD™, Ø 28 mm
    • Md: 2 x M15 XTR2-08, CCAW wire on a “eddy current free” voice coil, Ø 150 mm
    • W: 2 x W18XTR2-08, Ø 180 mm

    250 Hz - 1.550 Hz

    35 Hz – 35.000 Hz

    90 dB SPL (2.83V/1 m)

    4 ohm

    50 W – 300 W, without clipping

  • DIMENSIONS (H x W x D):
    278,1 (719,9 stand included) x 866 x 459,7 mm / 11 (28.3 stand included) x 34 x 18 in

    29 kg - net weight (37 kg stand included) / 63.9 - net weight (81.5 lb stand included)