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B&W Panorama 2

Soundbar One-Speaker Solution

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B&W Panorama 2 Details

B&W Panorama 2 Soundbar: Widescreen for your ears

The B&W Panorama 2 soundbar is a direct result of Bowers & Wilkins' four decades of experience designing and manufacturing amazing speakers for the home and the worldメs great recording studios.

  • Upgrade your TV with powerful home theater sound
  • The first sound bar for music lovers
  • Plug and Play simplicity

Bring the excitement of cinema-like surround sound to your living room with Panorama 2 -- the best TV sound bar money can buy. Easy to install and simple to connect to a whole range of home entertainment devices, Panorama will transform your TV into a powerful home theater system, making movies, music and games sound better than ever before. And all from just one streamlined speaker.

The perfect partner for your TV
Thanks to high definition and other advances in flat-screen technology, we're used to seeing images on our TVs that are sharper and more lifelike than ever. Whatメs missing is sound. The built-in speakers in LCD and plasma TVs donメt get close to conveying the richness of movie sound in the way weメre meant to hear it. So even with the best image quality in the world, weメre only getting half the picture.

The Panorama sound bar fills in the gap, bringing true home theatre, multi-channel surround sound to your TV. With Panorama, youメll be experiencing all the power and complexity of movie sound in glorious, lifelike detail. In other words, your TV will sound as good as it looks.

Surround sound from one speaker
How can one speaker possibly replicate the thrillingly three-dimensional effect of being in a cinema, with lifelike sound coming from every angle? In fact, the answerメs all around you. Panoramaメs concealed drive units use the walls of your room to guide sound around your viewing area. Multiple sound channels are directed in concentrated beams towards wall surfaces, which then reflect back to the listener, mimicking the effect of a multi-speaker surround sound system. The sound bar's ingenious design even incorporates its own built-in powerful subwoofers and amplifier, so there's more than enough bass to handle the biggest TV movie effects without the need for a separate subwoofer. You'll be surrounded by sound ヨ not speakers.

Brilliance from any angle
Movies are made to be enjoyed with others, so it's good to know that Panoramaメs amazing sound can be experienced by as many people as possible at the same time. The sound bar has a wider "sweet spot" than conventional surround systems, which means youメre free to place the speaker in a range of different positions to suit your listening environment, without compromising on sound quality.

With Panorama, no-one needs to miss out on the full surround sound home cinema experience - no matter the shape of the room, the size of your audience, or where they're sitting.

Where cinema surround sound is born
If you need any proof that B&W understand movie sound, just ask the sound engineers at Skywalker Sound in Marin County, California.

The control room at Skywalker Sound is the place where Hollywood puts music and sound to blockbuster movies. Itメs probably the most advanced multi-channel listening environment in the world. Naturally it uses the worldメs most advanced reference speakers - the 800 Series, designed by B&W. Many of the technologies and design principles behind Panorama were derived directly from this very same speaker. So for a sound bar capable of revealing cinema sound as it was meant to be heard, you can trust B&W. The people who make movies already do.

Additional Information

Name B&W Panorama 2
Sub Title Soundbar One-Speaker Solution
Manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins
Manufacturer Part# No

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