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AudioQuest NightHawk

Over-Ear Headphones

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AudioQuest NightHawk Details

AudioQuest NightHawk Over-the-Ear Headphone: The artful synthesis of performance and value

“My experience with the new AudioQuest Nighthawk headphones ($599) was one of highest points of my CES adventure… I played Paul Simon's Graceland and by the time I was listening to it all the way through — for the third (!!!) time—I realized: The reason I like headphones so much is they direct my attention to a song's lyrics way more than loudspeakers in a room ever did… The Nighthawks had me choking back tears of musical appreciation.”
    — Herb Reichert, Stereophile

The AudioQuest NightHawk headphone, an around-the-ear, semi-open design, is the company’s full-bore assault on both the state of the headphone art and on the limits to which quality, innovation, and sustainability can be achieved at an affordable cost.

A loudspeaker-inspired headphone
Many of NightHawk's advanced design elements are incorporated into today’s most innovative loudspeakers, but have rarely been used in headphones. Much like the internal bracing of a beautiful loudspeaker cabinet, NightHawk’s sophisticated earcup enclosure incorporates support beams that enhance structural integrity and minimize unwanted resonances and vibrations. An elastomeric coating is carefully applied to the enclosure’s internal surfaces to further reduce harmful vibrations, while a damping material comprising a purposeful blend of wool and polyester enables an extraordinarily smooth, natural frequency response for a deeply immersive and emotionally compelling listening experience. With NightHawk, vibration-induced distortion is intelligently minimized, allowing music to breathe freely.

Biocellulose Diaphragm
Most of today’s headphones use diaphragms made from Mylar, an inexpensive, lightweight, and technologically mature plastic material. The problem is that Mylar is inherently flimsy and brittle, typically distorting as the audio signal reaches high frequencies of 6-10kHz and invariably causing listener fatigue. NightHawk takes a radically different approach. Inspired by the advanced drive-units used in today’s high-performance loudspeakers, NightHawk’s 50mm high-excursion drivers have biocellulose pistonic diaphragms and compliant rubber surrounds. The biocellulose material is rigid and self-damping, making it far more accurate and musically pleasing than Mylar.

Split-Gap Motor
NightHawk’s patented split-gap motor design dramatically reduces intermodulation distortion to provide a clean, well-defined broadband response and a large, naturally detailed representation of space with truly remarkable resolution in the time domain.

Balanced Equitangential Airflow
Air turbulence is one of the major contributors to non-linear, distortion-inducing behavior in headphone drivers. NightHawk uses symmetrically distributed, equation-driven curvatures to intelligently guide airflow through its internal driver structure, thus reducing the harmful, unpredictable effects of turbulent air pockets and voice coil rocking. Your music sounds clean, clear, large, and alive.

Diamond Cubic Diffusion and 3D-printing technology
NightHawk is a semi-open headphone with a biomimetic grille inspired by the underlying structure of butterfly wings—a fascinating diamond cubic latticework that diffuses light to create iridescence. Visually beautiful, technologically complex, and built to a much larger scale in NightHawk, the grille’s intricate latticework diffuses sound and defeats the resonances that ultimately distort and damage our music. Far too complex to mold or machine, NightHawk’s grille can only be created through 3D printing via an advanced form of additive manufacturing known as “Selective Laser Sintering.” NightHawk, the first completely original production headphone to use a 3D-printed part, represents beauty, intelligence, and responsible innovation.

“When we decided to build NightHawk, we knew it had to be something special — it had to have a real reason to exist because no one needs another ordinary headphone.”

    — Skylar Gray, NightHawk Designer/Engineer

Additional Information

Name AudioQuest NightHawk
Sub Title Over-Ear Headphones
Manufacturer AudioQuest
Manufacturer Part# NIGHTHAWK

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  • Over-the-ear headphones
  • Semi-open design combines a wide soundstage with powerful bass response
  • 50mm high-excursion drivers built to emulate the sound of free-standing loudspeakers
  • Suspension system evenly distributes the headphones weight on your head for effortless comfort
  • Durable "liquid wood" earcups sculpted into acoustically optimized shape
  • 3D printed open-mesh grilles control airflow for purest sound
  • High-performance, soft nylon-braided detachable cable with 45-degree 3.5mm miniplug
    -Length: 96 inches
    -Solid Perfect Surface Copper (PSC) conductors allow for optimal signal transfer with minimal distortion
  • Second, thinner 96-inch braided cable with 3.5mm miniplug
  • 1/4" adapter with thick Direct-Silver plating
  • Foam-padded leather carrying case
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Sensitivity: 100 dB
  • Impedance: 25 ohms
  • Warranty: 1 year
What's in the Box
3.5mm (1/8") to 1/4"adapter
Zippered leather carrying case
(2) detachable 3.5mm cables - 8 ft.
Cleaning cloth
Owner's manual