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AudioQuest JitterBug

Dual-function USB Line Conditioner

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AudioQuest JitterBug Details

AudioQuest JitterBug Dual-function USB Line Conditioner: The artful synthesis of performance and value
  • USB filter with dual line-conditioning circuitry
  • For use in series with any adaptive or asynchronous USB DAC, USB cable, and USB hard drive
  • Removes parasitic resonance — a form of resonant distortion
  • Presents a more dynamic and vivid musical experience
“While the company points to two distinct areas of improvement, VBUS and line conditioning for data, as well as improvements in S/N ratio and a reduction in jitter and parasitic resonances, I'd say just plug the damn thing in and try it out for yourself. What you'll hear, if you hear what I heard, is greater clarity, dimensionality, and generally a more natural sound..”
    —Michael Lavorgna, AudioStream

The diminutive AudioQuest JitterBug USB filter works against the noise and ringing that plague both the power and data lines of USB ports, measurably reducing jitter and packet errors to deliver naturally beautiful sound with improved dynamics, warmth, and resolution.

JitterBug is designed to remove unwanted noise currents and parasitic resonances from both the data (communication) and Vbus (power) lines of USB ports. JitterBug meets all USB 2.0 speed specifications. JitterBug’s excellent performance is the result of careful design and craftsmanship, comprehensive technical measurements, and thorough listening tests. JitterBug is extremely easy to use and will offer reliable results for many years to come.

It can be used with external USB digital-to-analog converters (DACs), mobile phones and portable media devices, and network streaming/storage devices.

JitterBug is the perfect partner for the DragonFly
Slightly larger than JitterBug, DragonFly is AudioQuest’s widely lauded digital-audio converter and headphone amplifier with an onboard 64-step analog volume control. It has a USB plug at one end and a 3.5mm minijack at the opposite end. It connects to any Mac or Windows PC and bypasses the computer’s compromised audio circuitry to deliver cleaner, clearer, more naturally detailed sound to headphones, powered desktop speakers, or complete audiosystems. Insert JitterBug in series with DragonFly to further reduce noise and resonances.

Additional Information

Name AudioQuest JitterBug
Sub Title Dual-function USB Line Conditioner
Manufacturer AudioQuest
Manufacturer Part# JITTERBUG

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