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Marantz Slim Stereo Receiver NR1200

2ch Slim Stereo Receiver with HEOS Built-in

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Marantz Slim Stereo Receiver NR1200 Details

NR1200 - 2ch Slim Stereo Receiver with HEOS Built-in

  • Slim profile that’s half the height of a traditional AV receiver
  • Two-channel discrete power amplifier with separate L/R power amp circuit and power transformer with 75W per channel (8-ohm, 20Hz – 20kHz, 0.08% THD)
  • Dedicated Hi-Fi parts for two-channel Hi-Fi performance, including custom designed power capacitors, sound parts exquisitely tuned by sound masters and dual DAC circuit design
  • 5 HDMI inputs with full HDCP 2.3 support plus one HDMI out with ARC support for single cable connection with your television
  • Speaker A/B, tone control to tune sound to your exact specifications and dedicated dual subwoofer output for evenly dispersed bass, and no audible peaks or dips
  • AM / FM tuner
  • Integrated phono input that easily connects to your turntable
  • Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) ensures Xbox One users have a more responsive and immersive gaming experience when connected with select TV models that also support ALLM
  • Smart TV connectivity
  • High-performance, high-resolution audio playback
  • HEOS Built-in
  • Play music on Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, Deezer and many others via Bluetooth, AirPlay 2 or the HEOS Built-in app
  • Built-in Wi-Fi with 2.4GHz/5GHz dual band support (dual antenna)
  • Supports all major voice control agents and streaming services for seamless control
  • Dual Subwoofer Outputs

Marantz NR1200 two-channel slim stereo receiver powers detailed, high-fidelity audio from a compact chassis. At half the height of a traditional receiver, the NR1200 drives impeccable sound for your movies, shows, Hi-Fi audio and more. The NR1200 supports the latest HDMI connectivity with its 5 inputs, each one supporting HDCP 2.3, 4K Ultra HD 60Hz video, HLG and more. Stream music from leading music services and control the NR1200 with voice control compatibility via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri.

The Marantz NR1200 stereo receiver easily rivals a sound bar for all of your home theater, delivering superior audio quality, higher power to your choice of loudspeakers and greater connectivity for audio and video sources. Stream music from your favorite streaming services and enjoy voice control from leading agents. Modern and elegantly designed, the NR1200 is the consummate choice for Hi-Fi and television connection.

Power to Suit Your Audio Preferences
The Marantz NR1200 always delivers the sound you require through its powerful high-current discrete power amplifier with separate L/R power amp circuit and power transformer. With 75W of power per channel (8-ohm, 20Hz – 20kHz, 0.08% THD), enjoy your high-resolution musical collection with refined Marantz sound.

Latest HDMI Connectivity
Includes 5 HDMI inputs, each one supporting HDCP 2.3, 4K Ultra HD 60Hz video, 4:4:4 Pure Color sub-sampling, HLG, High Dynamic Range (HDR10), 21:9 video, 3D and BT.2020 pass-through. Plus, ARC (Audio Return Channel) supports the transmission of audio from your TV with a single HDMI cable, simplifying overall setup. HDMI inputs automatically rename themselves with information provided by the source.

Dual DAC Differential Circuit Design
The NR1200 slim stereo receiver features two separate DACs per channel, increasing the dynamic range significantly. This design greatly improves the signal to noise (s/n) ratio, reproducing clearer sound even from sources with very low signal resolution.

Left/Right Power Amplifier Design
The amplifier circuit design of the NR1200 features separate, symmetrical left and right power amplifiers, with a central power supply distribution. This design improves channel separation, reduces crosstalk and preserves the musical sound stage clarity that you expect from a Marantz product.

Marantz Custom Sound Design
Marantz has a steadfast reputation for choosing the best-possible components for its Hi-Fi Premium Series products. Marantz engineers thoughtfully selected and optimized the NR1200 through extensive listening at dedicated Marantz facilities in Europe and Japan using only the most premier Hi-Fi tuned sound parts.

Separate Power Transformer for Sound Purity
Built for pure Marantz musical reproduction, the NR1200 features a power transformer wired independently from the circuits of the amplifier, pre amplifier, wireless module and front display, which reduces interference and provides pure, clean sound.

Speaker A/B
The NR1200 features speaker A/B letting you easily configure it to drive two pairs of loudspeakers in separate rooms, or to drive a single pair of bi-wired audiophile compatible speakers.

Connectivity, Streaming & Multi-Room Listening
Stream the most popular music services - like Spotify, Pandora, Tidal and many more - via Bluetooth, AirPlay 2 or the HEOS app.

With HEOS Built-in technology, enjoy your favorite music in any room of your home for a wireless, whole-home audio experience. Play the same song in every room or select a different song for each connected room - the choice is yours. Enjoy music from Spotify, Pandora, Tidal and more or your local music file libraries. With additional HEOS Built-in components, like HEOS-capable speakers, play all your music in one room or many.

AirPlay 2 + Apple Siri Voice Control
Stream audio from your favorite music services like Apple Music and Spotify or watch videos from services like YouTube and Netflix from any iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV. Hear the audio perfectly synced to your speakers from AirPlay 2 sources.

For multi-room audio, wirelessly stream content to multiple AirPlay 2 compatible devices simultaneously with improved audio buffering to ensure smooth audio playback. AirPlay 2 provides control and grouping of compatible audio devices within the Apple Music or Home app. Use AirPlay 2 in-app or with your voice via Siri.

Amazon Alexa Voice Control
Use your voice to stream your favorite music services to this HEOS Built-in device. Ask Alexa to play music from Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music and much more. Switch between inputs (Blu-ray, DVD, Media Player, etc.), turn volume up or down, pause, mute and play the next song - all with your voice.

With HEOS and Alexa, you can stream to this product and any other product with HEOS Built-in.

Google Assistant Voice Control
Ask your Google Home, Google app or other devices with Google Assistant built-in to control content across your listening environment. Start music in the HEOS app, then ask your Google Assistant to control volume, play, pause, skip tracks and more. “Works with the Google Assistant” feature is always improving.

Hi-Res Audio Support
Decodes hi-res audio ALAC, FLAC and WAV lossless files up to 24-bit/192-kHz, as well as DSD 2.8MHz and 5.6MHz tracks (the audiophile format of SACD) lets you enjoy music exactly as the artist intended. Listen to your music via the front panel USB port or over network sources.

Auto Low Latency Mode for Xbox One
Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) ensures Xbox One users have a more responsive and immersive gaming experience when connected with select TV models that also support ALLM.

Easy to Setup, Easy to Use
The NR1200 features a horizontal row of color-coded, premium loudspeaker terminals with a set of matching cable-labels included to ensure correct hook-up. The included Setup Assistant offers clear, graphical on-screen direction, and the Quick Start Guide ensures optimal setup for any configuration.

Marantz AVR Remote App
The Marantz AVR Remote app for iOS and Android provides complete control over the latest Marantz network AV receivers. Use it to power on/off, adjust volume, input and settings, or switch instantly to the HEOS app.

Simple Smart Select Functions
Four Smart Select function buttons on the included remote control store your preferred setup - including input and volume. With the push of a button, the NR1200 perfectly configures for any source, from Blu-ray to TV set-top box, to your favorite Internet radio station and more.

Smart TV Connectivity
Easily control the NR1200 with your Smart TV remote via the HDMI CEC functionality associated with your Smart TV. Simply set “HDMI Control” to ON in your receiver, then set “Smart Menu” to ON to begin controlling the receiver with your TV remote. The Smart Menu home screen gives you quick access to source and surround mode selections, the AVR setup menu and four Smart Select options.

Advanced Custom Installation Support
Marantz AV receivers offer extended support for easy custom install integration. Features “ihiji Invision” remote system management technology, “Domotz Pro” remote monitoring and management technology with a dedicated web interface to control and set up your AV receiver from a computer on the same network. Let your installer easily monitor the status of connected products and troubleshoot remotely from a separate location or on-the-go.

Intelligent ECO Mode
Integrated ECO mode provides energy savings and an on-screen ECO meter. Use the receiver in power-saving mode to reduce maximum output power or adopt low-power strategies across settings. Either way, the sound quality that defines Marantz excellence remains unchanged.

Additional Information

Name Marantz Slim Stereo Receiver NR1200
Sub Title 2ch Slim Stereo Receiver with HEOS Built-in
Manufacturer Marantz
Manufacturer Part# NR1200U1B

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    • Multichannel Surround:
      • DTS HD Master / DTS:X / DTS Neural:X: No / No / No
      • DTS Virtual:X: No
      • IMAX Enhanced: No
      • Dolby TrueHD / Dolby Atmos/Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization: No / No / No
      • Dolby ProLogic llz / Dolby Surround: No/ No
      • Auro 3D / Aurmatic: No / No
      • Multichannel Stereo: No
      • Max Number of Processing (Preamp) Channels: 2.1
      • Audyssey: No
      • Audyssey Dynamic EQ / Dynamic Volume: No / No
      • Compressed Audio Enhancer: MDAX2: No

    • Network:
      • HEOS Multi-room and Streaming / Network Audio Sharing: Yes / Yes
      • Lossy formats: MP3 / WMA / AAC: Yes / Yes / Yes
      • Lossless formats: FLAC / ALAC / WAV: Yes / Yes / Yes
      • Lossless formats: FLAC HD 192/24 / WAV 192/24 / ALAC 192/24: Yes / Yes / Yes
      • DSD Audio Streaming: up to DSD5.6
      • Gapless Playback: Yes (FLAC, WAV, ALAC, DSD)
      • AirPlay 2 Audio Streaming: Yes
      • Internet Radio: Yes (TuneIn)
      • Spotify connect / Deezer / TIDAL / Napster / Pandora / SiriusXM: Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes
      • Compatible with Remote APP for Smart Phones: Marantz 2016 AVR Remote
      • Ethernet / Wi-Fi: Yes / Yes ((dual antenna/ dual band)
      • Bluetooth: Yes

    • HDMI:
      • 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 resolution / HDCP 2.3: Yes / Yes
      • eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel): ARC only
      • Analog to HDMI Scaling: No
      • HDMI to HDMI Scaling: No
      • GUI Overlay on HDMI: Yes
      • HDR / HLG / Dolby Vision: Yes (HDR10)/ Yes/ No
      • 3D Signal Pass-Through: Yes
      • HDMI Pass-Through in Standby Mode: Yes

    • Multi-Room/CI:
      • HEOS Multi-Room Integrated: Yes
      • HEOS Link Compatibility: IR/ IP: Yes / Yes
      • Multi-Room Zones: No
      • Zone Audio Source: HDMI / Opt, Coax / Network, USB / Analog: No / No / No / No
      • Yes
      • IP Control / RS232 Control / Web Control / App Control: Yes / No / No / No
      • Domotz Pro / IHIJI compatible: Yes/Yes

    • Inputs/Outputs:
      • VIDEO:
        • Composite In / Out: No / No
        • Component In / Out: No / No
        • HDMI In / Out: 5 / 1
      • AUDIO:
        • Analog In / Out: 3 / No
        • Phono (MM) In: Yes
        • Digital In: Optical / Coaxial: 1 / 1
        • Multi-Room Out: Analog / Digital: No / No
        • USB Audio / Made for iPod / Made for iPhone: Yes / No / No
        • Multichannel Pre Out: Yes (2.2) / No
        • Subwoofer Out: 2
        • 7.1 Multichannel Input: No
      • OTHER:
        • Speaker Terminal: Gold Plated Screw / Regular Screw: No / Yes
        • Speaker A / B: Yes
        • Bi-Amp Drive: No
        • Multi-Room Speaker Terminal: No
        • Front Inputs: Audio / Composite / Digital (Opt) / HDMI / USB: No / No / No / No / Yes

    • Others:
      • FL Display: 1 line
      • Graphic User Interface - GUI: Hybrid GUI
      • ISF Certification: No
      • GUI Languages: 3
      • Setup Assistant: Yes
      • Smart Select: Yes
      • Firmware Update by Network / USB: Yes / Yes
      • Variable Cross Over: Yes
      • Optimized Bass Redirection: Yes
      • Bass Sync: No
      • ECO Mode: Yes
      • Auto Power off: Yes
      • Sleep Timer: Yes

    • Specifications:
      • Number of Poweramps: 2
      • Speaker Terminal: 4
      • Power Output (8 ohm, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.08% 2ch Drive): 75W
      • Power Output (6 ohm, 1 kHz, 0.7% 2ch Drive): 100 W
      • Power Output (6 ohm, 1 kHz, 10% 1ch Drive): 150 W

    • General:
      • System Remote Control: RC041SR
      • Power Consumption in W: 180
      • Power Consumption No-Sound (ECO ...on/off) in W: -
      • Standby Consumption in W: 0.2 (with CEC 0.5)
      • Maximum Dimensions:
        • Antenna: Horizontal:(W x D x H) in inches: 17.3 x 14.9 x 4.1
        • Antenna: Vertical:(W x D x H) in inches: 17.3 x 14.9 x 6.9
        • W/o Antenna:(W x D x H) in inches: 17.3 x 14.5 x 4.1
      • Weight in lbs. 18.1
      • Available Colors: Black