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Room I Construction 1-1We recently created a new TV area at our flagship ListenUp Denver showroom (see story here), and we used the vacated space (Room I) to create a new state-of-the-art high-end audio room. Our team worked feverishly to finish this new area in time for Music Matters, our annual event celebrating the best ways to enjoy recorded music. We invite you to check out these photos of the transition, or, better yet, come to Music Matters tonight or tomorrow and see it in person.

Room I features a $500,000 system from Focal and MOO by Simaudio, including the following cutting-edge gear:

Room I Construction 2Focal Grande Utopia EM Floorstanding Speakers
MOON New 888 Monoblock Amps
MOON 850P Preamplifier
MOON 820S Power Supply
MOON 780 Streaming DAC

The following experts will be running the informative demonstrations:

From Focal:
Romaine Vet, Marketing Product Manager
Matt Reilly, Regional Sales Manager
From MOON:
Costa Koulisakis, Vice President, Customer Experience

Room I Final