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Music Matters 2018 will take place April 25 and 26 at our Denver showroom. This eagerly anticipated event offers compelling demonstrations of cutting-edge speakers and electronics, as well as tips on how to get the most of streaming audio, hi-def audio files and more. Whether you’re a dyed in the wool audiophile or you just want to find out how to make your computer music sound better, this is the event for you!

rh book_1-650pxOur special guest is Robert Harley, editor in chief of The Absolute Sound, the world’s most respected magazine on high-performance audio. He’s also the author of The Complete Guide to High-End Audio, Introductory Guide to High-Performance Audio Systems and Home Theater for Everyone and has written more than 1,000 product reviews and articles on high-quality music reproduction.

Spotlight Demo: We’ll be showing the Focal Grande Utopia EM, a reference 4-way floorstanding loudspeaker which utilizes a unique Electro-Magnet woofer and offers 1,458 settings for the ultimate in customizable sound. The Utopias will be driven by a pair of massive MOON 888 monoblock amplifiers that each pump out 888 watts (into 8 ohms), along with a MOON preamp and DAC.

April 25-26 Multiple 40-minute sessions starting at 5pm
DENVER 303-778-0780 
685 South Pearl St.

RSVP at the number above, or register here.

Here are this year’s manufacturers, gear and presenters…

Audeze – AudioQuest – Bluesound – B&W – Cambridge Audio – Focal – GoldenEar – Mark Levinson – McIntosh – MOON – NAD – REL Acoustics – Revel – Roon Labs – Sonus faber – SVS and more! 

Demonstration Rooms

Room Ailcremonese_red_2_1

Sonus faber iI Cremonese Loudspeakers
McIntosh MC611 Monoblock Amplifiers, C52 Preamplifier, MCT450 SACD/CD Transport, MT-5 Turntable, MP1100 Phono Preamp

From the McIntosh Group:
Ron Cornelius, National Training Manager
Mike Holzman, Western Regional Sales Manager
Carl Porter, Local Representative
Robert Scowcroft, Local Representative



Room B

GoldenEar Triton Reference Loudspeakers
MOON ACE All-in-One Music Player

From The Absolute Sound:
Robert Harley, Editor in Chief

From GoldenEar:
Dave Kakenmaster, Director of Sales, Western Region




nad-m17-v2-cropRoom C
NAD M50.2 Music Player
NAD M17v2 Preamp/Processor (World Premiere!)
NAD M22v2 Power Amp (World Premiere!)
DALI Epicon 6 Floorstanding Speakers
From NAD/Dali:
Marshall Currier, National Training Manager
David Carr, Regional Sales Manager



Small Conference Room (Between B and C)

SVS Prime Wireless Speakers

From SVS:

Larry McGough, National Training Manager
Mitch Witten, Senior Director, Strategic Development




Room D

Revel F228Be Floorstanding Speakers
Revel M126Be Bookshelf Speakers
Mark Levinson No. 585.5 Integrated Amplifier
Mark Levinson No. 515 Turntable

From Harman Luxury:
John Collier, Director of Sales
Todd Eichenbaum, Director of Engineering
Kevin Voecks , Acoustic Technologies Manager




Room E


B&W 802D3 Loudspeakers
REL SHO S/5 Subwoofer
Rotel RCD1572 CD Player
Rotel RC1590 Preamp
Rotel RB1590 Stereo Amplifier

From B&W:
David Ellington, Regional Sales Manager
Kevin Wolff, Director of Sales, North America

From REL:
John Hunter, Owner/Lead Designer



Room G

Roon Nucleus Music Server
Naim Atom Wireless Music Player

From Roon:
Steve Silberman, Vice President, Sales and Marketing




cambridge_audio_cx_gallery_1-600pxRoom H

Cambridge Audio Edge A Integrated Amplifier
Cambridge Audio Edge NQ Preamplifier & Network Player
Cambridge Audio Edge W Amplifier
AudioQuest Niagara 7000 Power Conditioner
& AC Cables
B&W 804D3 Loudspeakers
From Cambridge Audio:
Gregg Chopper, Director
Bob Scranton, National Sales Manager
From AudioQuest:
Isaac Markowitz, National High Performance Sales Manager
David Penrod, Regional Sales Manager




Room I

Focal Grande Utopia EM Floorstanding Speakers
MOON New 888 Monoblock Amps
MOON 850P Preamplifier
MOON 820S Power Supply
MOON 780 Streaming DAC

From Focal:
Romaine Vet, Marketing Product Manager
Matt Reilly, Regional Sales Manager

From MOON:
Costa Koulisakis, Vice President, Customer Experience

MHP1000_002 JHeadphone Area

Models from Audeze, Focal, McIntosh and Sony

We’ll be serving delicious food from Mikes2 Kitchen, one of the most popular food trucks in Denver!


To RSVP, call 303-778-0780 or register here.

Here’s a fun video from last year’s Music Matters: