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GoldenEar-logoNot too many people can say they founded three iconic audio brands, but Sandy Gross can. With first Polk, then Definitive Audio and now GoldenEar Technology, he has been at the forefront of creating speakers whose performance-for-the-dollar ratio is off the charts. At ListenUp, we’re proud to be one of the top GoldenEar dealers in the country.

In the most recent edition of The Absolute Sound, Neil Gader has some effusive praise for the GoldenEar SuperSub X subwoofer. We invite you to read this informative article, and then come in for a test drive of a GoldenEar system…


GoldenEar Technology SuperSub X Subwoofer


X Marks the Spot

by Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound

If you’ve spent any time listening to GoldenEar’s Triton Tower loudspeakers, you know firsthand that GE doesn’t produce shrinking violets. Its speakers are robust music makers that deliver a dynamic, full-spectrum performance and are girded with rock-solid bass. A good portion of the credit goes to the fact that each of these entries is a hybrid or active/passive design, and uses powered subwoofers to anchor its low frequencies. Such speakers are inherently more efficient and controlled than traditional all-passive designs, and are effectively immune to the vicissitudes of external amp mismatching. GoldenEar brings this same experience to bear in its stand-alone subwoofer line—perhaps most persuasively in the SuperSub X under review here.

At a glance, the SuperSub X is almost impossibly small, with a footprint that’s little more than a twelve-inch cube constructed of high-density medite and finished in high-gloss piano-black lacquer. Yet, sound quality was perceivably high, elevating that crucial first impression well beyond your typical woofer in a box…

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