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10-yearsFrom the beginning, Peachtree has merged old-school audiophile thinking, where sound quality always comes first, with a decidedly new-school digital/computer audio savvy mindset. The result has been a series of award-winning amplifiers, DACs and speakers enjoyed by music lovers all over the world.

In 2017, Peachtree is celebrating its 10th anniversary with new products that are so improved, they’ve re-launched the company as Peachtree 2.0. The new flagship nova series of amplifiers can push any speaker on the market and easily replace a large stack of electronics with virtually no loss in performance. Peachtree has always been a good value, but now that Peachtree 2.0 engineering and manufacturing have been moved to North America, Peachtree’s value is greater than ever.

What’s different about Peachtree Audio 2.0?


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The critics are raving…

Computer-Audiophile-CAvB-Logo-07152014“Peachtree has packed a number of great features into the nova150 that place it on a pedestal for the competition to attempt to dethrone. World class engineers, made in North America, reference grade DAC chip, unity gain: direct amp in, Dy-NEC, 111dB S/N, home theater bypass, true analog phono stage, dedicated headphone amplifier, and an absolutely gorgeous cabinet for $1,599. The nova150 embodies the new Peachtree Audio 2.0 ethos with unmatched features and sound quality at an exceptional price.”  — ComputerAudiophile.comimages

“Peachtree’s starter unit maxes out on bang-for-buck like no other model before it. Matching the nova150’s performance and feature set with separates would be a snipe hunt. — Digital Audio Review (DARko)

imgres“The Nova150 was an even better match with my Magnepan .7 flat panel speakers. The .7s crave power, and the Nova150 delivered gobs of it. Bass definition and oomph were truly exceptional, better than I’ve heard from the .7s mated with other integrated amps.” — CNET



Coming soon: New powered speakers

The Peachtree M24 is a pair of powered loudspeakers with the electronics built right into them so you can literally connect your sources and enjoy your music without lots of different devices and wires. Since the drivers and amplifiers are designed as a system, the value that powered speakers offer is hard to beat since they produce sound that typically costs $100s more to achieve using traditional products.

Many powered speakers offer ONLY a 3.5mm analog input jack. Want to hear the music on your computer at its best? You need a USB digital input! Want to quickly stream your Spotify or Tidal playlist? Bluetooth would make it easy. Want to enjoy music from another digital device? You’ll need an optical digital input. Are you loving vinyl these days? Then you’ll be frustrated with no phono input. Peachtree’s M24 gives you ALL these input options, so you’re no longer limited by a lack of connectivity.
M24 Powered Speakers $369/pr.

nova150pb-phone-737x384-noprintsReimagining the integrated amplifier 

Peachtree Audio’s new nova150 and nova300 integrated amplifiers accommodate virtually every type of music source people use today, from spinning vinyl at home to streaming audio from the cloud. They feature an impressive new suite of technological advancements — from the DAC through the power amplifier and at every step in between. But the latest news is that they offer a unique new iOS input…

Introducing DyNEC (Dynamic Noise Elimination Circuit) for iPhone/iPad
Peachtree engineers have developed DyNEC: the world’s first and only system to address and eliminate all audible power supply and screen noise. DyNEC assures your music files are streamed to the nova free of any added noise and making your favorite music sounds it’s very best!

Once all sources of noise are eliminated, music files are “handed off” to the internal ESS SABRE32 Reference DAC – further improving performance via asynchronous connection, and eliminating any timing errors caused by jitter. With DyNEC and an asynchronous connection, Peachtree’s dedicated iOS input lets you hear your music with all the clarity, dynamics and emotion the artist intended.

When connected to Peachtree’s iOS input, the iPhone and iPad are perhaps the most convenient music playback devices that can be considered high-end audio components. And the new metal-faced Peachtree remote controls basic playback functions like FF/RR and pause, so you can just sit back and enjoy! (DyNEC is a Peachtree exclusive.)
nova150 Integrated Amp $1799
nova300 Integrated Amp 


Portable high-fidelity

The Shift USB Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) and headphone amplifier is housed in a small, portable chassis roughly the size of a deck of playing cards. It’s designed to completely bypass the headphone output on your smartphone, tablet or personal computer and provide exceptional sound quality — wherever you happen to be listening. The built-in battery pack provides up to eight hours of playback on a single charge, so Shift is a perfect travel companion. And it’s got a Lightning connector, making it perfect for use with the new iPhone 7.

Shift Portable USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier $299



The ultimate Bluetooth speakerdb2-front-737x384

In 2013 Peachtree Audio launched the original deepblue. It received rave reviews from the media and customers alike and quickly established itself as the answer to the question “What’s the best sounding Bluetooth speaker I can buy today?” With deepblue2 Peachtree’s design team has committed to raise the performance bar even higher than the original.

The new deepblue2 uses a custom developed 440-watt amplifier that’s 5X more powerful than most Bluetooth speakers currently on the market. A long excursion 6.5-inch woofer moves a serious amount of air and creates deep impactful bass. Two 3″ mid-range drivers and two 1″ soft-dome tweeters flank the woofer to create a wide natural sound that fills an entire room.
deepblue2 Bluetooth Speaker $349

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