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417goldenearsp.promo_“With the Triton Reference, GoldenEar Technology has delivered their finest loudspeaker yet. It looks great, sounds great, and represents an exceptional value in high-end audio.”                      — Al Griffin, Sound + Vision (full review here)

GoldenEar’s new flagship speaker, the Triton Reference, offers a stunning level of sonic performance and sophisticated form factor. The Reference has been designed to perform with a dramatic and authoritative voice, comparable to speakers that sell for 10 and more times its surprisingly affordable price.

All the components  — the active sub-bass drivers, upper-bass/midrange drivers, and high-velocity folded ribbon tweeter — are new, and have been specifically developed for use in the Reference. The fully balanced crossover is, of course, specially engineered for the Reference, and the powerful subwoofer amplifier and 56-bit DSP control unit are an evolution of those used in the Triton One and GoldenEar’s SuperSubs.

The Triton Reference is currently on display at our Denver showroom, and will be available for sale later this summer. We invite you to come in for an informative demo…

Triton Reference Speaker $4249 each