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Here’s an interesting article by Timothy Seppala in Engadget which posits that music streaming is fueling vinyl’s resurgence. This makes sense to us, as we use and enjoy both!


They’re not competitors but complementary formats that deliver different benefits to fans

Streaming has been blamed for killing off the CD, but industry experts agree it’s helping bolster the growth and quality of another physical music format: vinyl. Since 2015, streaming income has eclipsed CD sales, and the likes of Apple Music and Spotify have become major players in the music industry. This year the Recording Industry Association of America reported that 75 percent of music revenue in the United States came from streaming services. In the past three years, vinyl sales in the US have steadily risen about $2 million annually.

On paper, it doesn’t make sense. Why would anyone buy an album they can only listen to in one specific environment, when for half the price of a new record, they can put it and millions of others in their pocket and listen anywhere?

“It’s a completely inconvenient way to listen to music, it really is,” Caren Kelleher, founder and president of Gold Rush Vinyl, said. Before starting her own pressing factory in Austin, Texas, Kelleher was the head of music-app partnerships at Google and a band manager.

Kelleher and other experts at the recent Making Vinyl conference in Detroit agreed that streaming and vinyl are complementary rather than competitive. As a consumer, it’s a lot harder to take a risk on a $30 record you think you might like when a Spotify subscription costs $10 per month.

“Vinyl is not a discovery format,” Jessa-Zapor Gray, vice president of marketing for Intervention Records, said…

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