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Demo Rooms

Welcome to Chelsea!

We like to think of our store as a home entertainment oasis. We have multiple demonstration areas to show off the finest A/V products available. Whether you're a 2-channel music lover or a Home Theater aficionado -- or, like us, both -- you'll find something to fire your imagination at Chelsea.

Lifestyle Vignettes

We have comfortable and attractive lifestyle vignettes set up throughout the store, with real-world-furnishings and acoustics so you can get an accurate idea of what the equipment will look and sound like once you get it home.

2-Channel Music Room

Our dedicated 2-channel music room is fully treated with Vicoustic acoustic sound panels placed in optimal locations to help each system sound like a live performance. Featured here are three different systems, with electronics from McIntosh, Classé, NAD and Rotel and high-performance speakers from B&W, PCM, and Golden Ear.

Dedicated Theater Room

We have a 5.1 true Digital Theater from Meridian and a 7.1 system with B&W speakers and Classe Electronics. The display is a 4K Sony 600ES projector on a Stewart screen. When watching a film with a 2:35-1 aspect ratio, the screen size is 139-inches (diagonally), but with the built-in masking we can also easily switch to a 110-inch image in 16 X 9 format for watching TV shows. There's comfortable stadium seating with two rows of motorized chairs from Palliser, and the room is fully automated with Control4.

Simple Theater

You can have riveting Home Theater performance without overloading your space with bulky equipment. Here we show flat-panel 4K TV, soundbar and credenza, all of which are cleverly wall-mounted for a sleek presentation. We can help you turn any space into a home entertainment hot spot!

Dual Theater

In this theater room we can demonstrate either a flat-panel or a projector as a display, with a variety of on-wall, in-wall and free-standing surround sound systems. This was the first demo room in Portland to display and demo a full Dolby Atmos setup! The entire room is automated by Control4 for easy switching between the various components.

Switching Room

Here in our Switching Room, we can efficiently choose from 6 different receivers to play a variety of different speakers in both 2-channel and surround sound setups. This allows for easy A-B comparisons between products so you can find which ones you like best!

A/V Furniture

In addition to the finest A/V equipment, we also have a beautiful selection of A/V furniture. Specially designed credenzas and equipment racks provide the proper ventilation and easy access, and our plush theater seating provides the finishing touch for your home entertainment area.

Recent projects we’ve designed and installed

From dedicated home theaters to whole-house A/V, home automation, control and security, we have created some of the most sophisticated systems in the country. Here are just a few…

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