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David Huddleston

Store Manager

With ListenUp since 1999

Colorado Springs store manager David Huddleston came to us from Phoenix, where he owned his own custom integration company and then worked for a leading home entertainment custom retailer. After one too many people uttered the phrase “Yeah, but it’s a dry heat,” he decided it was time for a change, so he loaded up his family and headed north.

“Working at ListenUp has exceeded my expectations. As a dedicated A/V enthusiast myself, it’s really cool to work at a place where the entire organization strives to stay ahead of the curve technologically. It’s a ‘learners’ environment — everyone is very diligent about keeping up with the latest stuff, which I find really stimulating and fun.”

Now that they don’t have to worry about instant heat-stroke, David and his family love to take advantage of the many recreational activities Colorado has to offer. “We love mountain biking, hiking, four-wheeling, fishing — anything outdoors. We’ve even gotten into skiing a bit!”


Gary Wrasse

Senior Sales Consultant

With ListenUp since 1994

Gary Wrasse originally hails from Southern California, where he worked at a Pasadena A/V dealer for 9 years. Even having grown up there, though, he eventually became weary of the crowded life on the left coast. His wife is from Colorado Springs originally, so he jumped at the chance to come here.

Gary was the store manager for several years, but now he’s back to doing what he really loves — dealing with customers. “I enjoy the whole process of putting together high-end systems. I’m working on a big job right now that involves distributed audio and HD video, Crestron control, Lutron lighting, and a dedicated home theater with Rives acoustical treatments. The clients are great, I get to work with a nationally recognized architect, and I have all kinds of support from our engineering and custom departments up in Denver as well as our installation staff down here. It’s the type of job that really makes me feel like I’m in the right place.”


Jason Mann

Sales Consultant

With ListenUp since 2016

Originally from Bellbrook, Ohio, Jason Mann grew up helping his stepfather with remodeling projects and listening to his mother's music — so he comes by his love of music and electronics naturally. Before joining ListenUp he was in the auto industry, where he worked in both maintenance and sales.

A recent transplant to recently moved to Colorado, Jason loves to exercise, listen to music, and enjoy the outdoors.


Tom Larkin

Project Manager

Employee Since 2010

An A/V industry veteran, Tom came up through the ranks at a regional consumer electronics store. He started out selling cameras and quickly moved into audio and home theater. Working at ListenUp has become a family tradition, as his cousin Ben works in our Denver store. Happily expanding his knowledge base and continuing to grow professionally, Tom brings an excitement level that is contagious. “Working at ListenUp is a blast," he says, "because I get to play with and learn about all the newest toys in the consumer electronics industry.”

Outside of work Tom has two passions – golf and snowboarding. He has an eight handicap and is continually working to improve. His favorite place to snowboard is Steamboat, where you can find him on many of his days off during the winter months. Come in and talk to Tom about home entertainment and you even be able to hit him up for some golf tips!


Clint Kawakami

Field Technician

With ListenUp since 2010

Starting in 2010, Clint was the second in the Kawakami family to join the Colorado Springs installation team. He got started in this industry when he was 15 and realized it was possible to put a massive stereo system in a car that could blow out windshields. He moved from cars to installing phone systems to installing home audio. He has been installing home audio and video for 11 years and loves the home automation and integration that ListenUp offers to clients.
"My favorite things about working at ListenUp are the changing products and technology," says Clint. "I also love the opportunity to meet clients, to see the newest homes and décor."
Clint is a native of Colorado Springs. He does all the Colorado favorites like snowboarding, riding motorcycles, shooting photography and going to live concerts. If you don't find him out at a client's house it's a pretty sure bet he is outside somewhere living it up. Clint is also the proud father of a female boxer puppy.


Lauren Hawkins

Office Manager

Employee Since 2013

If you’re looking for someone who really loves her job, just step foot inside our Colorado Springs store. Lauren is the smiling face that will be there to greet you and get you excited about all that ListenUp has to offer.

“ListenUp actually cares about its people, which results in happy employees and, in turn, loyal customers. In our store, we’re a group of friends, and who can complain about getting to hang out with their friends everyday?”

Lauren is just warming up to the A/V industry, but her outgoing personality and great attitude make her an ideal fit for the ListenUp team. She’s a Colorado native who enjoys music and everything outdoors. If you’re looking for a great start to your A/V purchasing experience, or just need a little happy-boost in your day, stop by and say hi to Lauren.


Mike Pettit

Sales Administrator

With ListenUp since 2016

Mike loves music from all eras, and this love led him to high-fidelity audio — and therefore to ListenUp! A Colorado Springs native, Mike loves his hometown and has done pretty much every thing there is to do outdoors in Colorado. He is very close with his family, including his mom, dad, sister and his extended family.

Mike is a dedicated gamer, spending time on multiple games and platforms (though he prefers Microsoft and Nintendo). He also loves to read everything from nonfiction to comic books.

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