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Demo Rooms

ListenUp Colorado Springs has numerous demonstration areas where you can comfortably compare products and get expert advice from our career sales consultants. We’re also specialize in system control and installation, so we will make sure everything is beautifully integrated into your home and easy to use for the whole family.


Sonos Wireless Solutions

With the amazing Sonos system, it’s never been easier to distribute all your music (including Internet radio, subscription music services and your iTunes library) to every room you want. Sonos has a home theater solution, too, with a Playbar horizontal speaker that handles the front three channels and pair of Play:3 speakers for the surrounds. And it's all easily controlled from an app on your smartphone or tablet.


TV Wall

Our beautifully curved TV Wall lets you compare and contrast LED and plasma televisions from Samsung, Sony and more, including new 4K Ultra HD and curved models. We also have TVs wall-mounted throughout our showroom, so you can see what they look like in real-world settings. We’ll be happy to explain the pros and cons of each technology, and if you need help installing your new TV in your home, we have the top installation personnel in Southern Colorado.


B&W CT Theater

The CT Theater was acoustically optimized by Rives Audio, the world-leader in room acoustics for home theaters and listening areas. You’ll definitely be able to hear for yourself the difference proper acoustics can make. Equipped with a Sony 4K projector, McIntosh electronics and B&W CT series speakers all around, this sensational demo room will give you an idea of how great home theater can be. Plush Salamander seating lets you enjoy it all in comfort and style.


Hi-Fi 1: High-end Two-channel Systems

Hi-Fi 1 features the very best speakers and two-channel components we have to offer, including Sonus faber and B&W Diamond Series speakers along with McIntosh electronics and VPI and McIntosh turntables. The XTC rack with cracked glass and blue LED lights is engineered to be the best on the market.


Hi-Fi 2: Two-channel Switching

In this room you can change between amplifiers and sources in real time, with brands such as Marantz, NAD, Moon, Oppo, Hegel, and Peachtree. There are 16 different pairs of speakers to switch between, and the selection rotates about every 90 days to showcase new models.


Control4 Solutions

Take command of all your home’s audio/video, HVAC, lighting and other electronics systems with the robust yet cost-effective Control4 system. It simplifies operation for everyone, and the home automation functionality for lighting and climate control will actually increase your security and save you money!


Headphone Area

Whether on the go with your iPod or at home when you want to keep the noise down, you need a good pair of headphones (or two!) to enjoy all the great entertainment options available today. Our Headphone Bar lets you listen to the latest and greatest ‘phones from B&W, PSB, Sennheiser, Grado and more. feel free to bring in your iPod and listen to your own collection to help you make your decision.


Lifestyle Area

This vignette shows an example of a living room and kitchen with advanced control from Control4. The living room area has everything mounted to the wall, including a Samsung TV, GoldenEar speakers, and specially designed Salamander cabinet. As this area shows, we can tastefully integrate today’s technologies into your home’s décor.


Switching Theater

This useful demonstration room provides the ability to switch back and forth between 12 A/V receivers, 8 subwoofers, 16 left and right speakers, 6 center channels, and 10 rear surround speakers while playing a movie. You can easily compare performance and find the products you like best.


Front-Projection Home Theater

You don’t have to have a big, dedicated home theater to enjoy the benefits of a front-projection system (although we do create those, too). Here’s an example of a relatively simple setup with a retractable screen that can be rolled up when not in use, and the electronics can be discretely hidden, too. The beautiful Sonus faber Venere speakers are works of art in themselves.


3-in-1 Theater

This unique demonstration room features three full front projection systems, each with a 120-inch screen, which allows you to do a meaningful A-B-C comparison of the latest projectors from Epson and Sony. High-end in-ceiling speakers and great electronics provide enveloping surround sound. You can also experience high performance two-channel theater, all while relaxing in plush theater seating.


Outdoor Speakers

Why limit your music to inside your house? Our all-weather speakers from B&W, Definitive Technology and other great brands will let you enjoy your favorite tunes on your deck or patio, and even out in the middle of your yard.



In addition to the finest audio/video equipment, ListenUp Colorado Springs offers an extensive selection of theater seating and furniture from well-known manufacturers such as BDI, Salamander, Tech Craft and more. Our credenzas and cabinets are specially designed to provide the proper ventilation and cable management your equipment needs to perform its best.

Recent projects we’ve designed and installed

From dedicated home theaters to whole-house A/V, home automation, control and security, we have created some of the most sophisticated systems in the country. Here are just a few…

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