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1457700082_focal-logoWe are proud to announce that ListenUp is the exclusive retailer in the Rocky Mountains for Focal Utopia speakers. Since its launch in 2008, Utopia has become a worldwide success and has been the recipient of many industry awards and rave reviews. Now you can experience them for yourself. These beautiful Maestro Utopia III Evo speakers in Metallic Blue are on display exclusively in our Denver store. Come for their impressive beauty; stay for their stunning midrange accuracy.

“The mechanical construction of these speakers is sheer perfection. The gently curved cabinets have a timeless design aesthetic, and while available in a number of standard colors (black, white and red), custom colors can be ordered at a slightly additional cost. The finish applied is on the same level as the world’s finest luxury cars, and the enclosures are flawless. While these are speakers worthy of the price asked based on performance, they also exude build quality that will satisfy the most sophisticated owner, and will meld into any environment with ease.”