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We’re happy to welcome back Mark Levinson high-performance components to our product mix. As audiophiles will attest, the Mark Levinson name is synonymous with audio purity. Their engineers spare no expense sourcing the best materials from around the world, and they only release new products when they exceed all expectations.

A class of its ownMark-Levinson-w-trumpet

After working at various recording studios and creating the sound mixer for the Woodstock Music Festival, Mark Levinson began hand-crafting high-end stereo components. In 1972 his first product, the LNP-1, was a rack-mounted system with two large VU meters and a high-performance op-amp module. And with every subsequent model, the legend grew.

Since then, Mark Levinson the company has created a class of its own by consistently releasing the best sounding, longest lasting, most intuitive audio/video components in the world — products that are as gorgeous as they are meticulously crafted.


No.19 Audio Player

Engineered for excellence

Today, Mark Levinson offers an elegant line of state-of-the-art electronics, including audio players, preamplifiers, power amplifiers, and integrated amps. All Mark Levinson equipment employs electronic components carefully chosen for their specific task. Resistors in critical gain-setting and feedback locations, for instance, use tantalum nitride thin-film elements. An extremely costly material, tantalum nitride typically finds use in sensitive military equipment because it is unusually stable with respect to temperature, exhibits very low noise, and is unaffected by magnetic fields. In fine audio equipment, those characteristics make the sound even more revealing and effortless.

We invite you to come in to the ListenUp nearest you and enjoy an exciting demo of Mark Levinson components.

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No.523 Preamplifier


No.585 Integrated Amplifier