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copy-copy-rmaf-logov2October 6-8, 2017

Fri: 12-7, Sat: 9-6, Sun: 9-4

Denver Marriott Tech Center
4900 S. Syracuse St.
Denver, CO 80237

The 14th Annual Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) is the largest consumer audio and home entertainment show in the United States. As a longtime supporter of RMAF, ListenUp will be occupying the entire 8th floor as well as some other areas. Don’t miss the World premiere of an innovative series of loudspeakers from Focal in the Cottonwood room at noon on Friday.

Here’s the list of what we’ll be showing in each room:

7010 – Tannoy
Tannoy Eaton bookshelf/pr  $2749.99/pr
Tannoy Revolution XT 8F-DW Floorstanding/pr  $1149.99/ea
Peachtree Audio nova300 integrated amp  $2499
Sanus SF26 speaker stands/pr  $154.99/pr
Sanus Audio Equipment Rack – 4-shelf 

1016SUMIKO8000 – Sumiko/Sonus faber/Pro-Ject
System One:
Pro-Ject MaiA My Audio Integrated Amp  $499
Pro-Ject MaiA CD CD player  $399
Pro-Ject Speaker Box 5 bookshelf/pr $299/pr
Pro-Ject VT-E BT vertical turntable w/ BT $499
Pro-Ject Design Box 4 Acryl component frame system $79
Pro-Ject Damp-It damping feet $50
Pro-Ject Connect It LS speaker wire $69
Pro-Ject Connect-It CC RCA rca interconnects $99

System Two:
Pro-Ject MaiA DS My Audiophile Integrated Amp  $999
Pro-Ject CD Box DS2T CD transport  $749|
Pro-Ject Stream Box DS2 T hi-res audio streamer  $999
Pro-Ject Tube Box DS2 tube phono preamp $799
Pro-Ject Phono Box DS2 USB phono preamp w/ hi-res usb output  $649
Pro-Ject Classic SB turntable kit $1499
Pro-Ject Connect It LS speaker wire $69
Pro-Ject Connect-It CC RCA rca interconnects $99

System Three:
Pro-Ject Pre Box RS stereo line tube preamp  $999
Pro-Ject DAC Box DS2 Ultra DAC with DSD & USB 2.0 $699
Pro-Ject Phono Box RS phono preamp $999
Pro-Ject CD Box RS CD transport $1299
Pro-Ject Power Box RS AMP linear power supply $699
Pro-Ject Amp Box RS Mono stereo power amp $999
Pro-Ject Power Box RS Phono Li-Pol battery-based power supply $749
Pro-Ject Power Box RS Uni 4 Way linear power supply $799
Pro-Ject Xtension 10 turntable $3499
Pro-Ject Stream Box DS2 T hi-res audio streamer $999

Sonus faber Olympica Three Wenge floorstanding/pr $13500/pr

Pro-Ject Connect It LS speaker wire $69
Pro-Ject Connect-It CC RCA rca interconnects $99

8003 – Cambridge
Cambridge CXC Dedicated CD Transport $449.99
Cambridge CXA80 80W Integrated Amp w/ DAC $999.99
Cambridge CXN ATF2 Upsampling Network Player $999.99
Cambridge Azur 851N Flagship ATF2 Upsampling Network Player $1699.99
Cambridge Azur 851W Flagship 200W Power Amp $1999.99primetowersurroundPB
Cambridge BT100 aptX Bluetooth Dongle $74.99
Cambridge AeroMax6 Floor Standing Speakers/pr $1299.99

8004 – SVS
SVS Prime Tower Piano Gloss/pr  $499.99/ea
SVS Prime Center Piano Gloss $349.99
SVS Prime Satellite Piano Gloss/pr $134.99/ea
SVS Prime Elevation Piano Gloss/pr $199.99/ea
SVS SB16-Ultra Piano Gloss $1999.99
SVS Ultra Bookshelf/pr $499.99/ea

Denon AVR-X6300H receiver  $1499

Peachtree Audio nova300 integrated amp $2499

Cambridge CXU (Blu-Ray+SACD player 

Samsung UN55KS8000 4K TV

8007 – GoldenEar/Hegel (With GoldenEar founder Sandy Gross)
GoldenEar Triton Reference floorstanding speakers $4249.99/ea
Hegel H90 Integrated Amp $2000
Hegel H190 Integrated Amp $4000
Hegel Mohican Reference CD Player $5000

8009 – Audioengine
Audioengine HD6 Powered Bookshelf/pr $749/pr
Audioengine HD3 Powered Bookshelf/pr $399/pr
Audioengine A5+ Powered Bookshelf/pr $399/pr
Audioengine A2+ Powered Bookshelf/pr $249/pr

8010 – Aurender
Aurender N100C music server $3500/4TB $3200/2TB
Aurender X100L music server  $4000/12TB $3500/6TB
Aurender A10 music server/streamer/preamp/MQA DAC $5500/4TB
Aurender N10 music server $8500/8TB $8000/4TB
Aurender W20 music server $17,600 12/TB
Aurender X725 DAC/integrated amp $2500
Aurender UC100 USB to SPDIF coax converter $700
Aurender UT100 USB to toslink converter $350

8013 – IsoAcoustics
IsoAcoustics Gaia I isolation feet $599.99/4-pk
IsoAcoustics Gaia II isolation feet $299.99/4-pk
IsoAcoustics Gaia III isolation feet $199.99/4-pk

8014 – Aurender
Aurender A10 music server/streamer/preamp/MQA DAC $5500

Hegel H30 2-channel power amp $15,000

Magnepan 3.7I floorstanding $5995/pr

REL S/5 subwoofer $2599

8017 – ELAC
Elac DF5 floorstanding/pr $559.96/ea
Elac DS10EQ subwoofer $499.98
Elac EA101 integrated amp $699.98
Elac Discovery DS-S101 music server $1099.98

Oppo BDP103D (Blu-Ray/SACD) 

Samsung UN55KU7000 

8018 – Simaudio Moon
Moon 600i v2 Integrated Amplifier
Moon 780D Streaming DAC
Moon 610LP Phono Stage 2-tone
Moon bridges 

8021 – Bluesound/NAD/PSB (Featuring NAD’s Vintage Listening Sessions)
Bluesound Vault 2 Bluesound $1199
Bluesound Powernode 2 $799
Bluesound Node 2 $499
Bluesound Pulse 2 $699
Bluesound Pulse Mini $499
Bluesound Pulse Flex $299

NAD C 368  $899
NAD C 368BluOS $1299
NAD C 558 new turntable model $499
NAD C 268 new stereo power amp model $799
NAD C 328 new Integrated amp model  $549
NAD 3020 Vintage model 
NAD 7175 PE Vintage model 

PSB Imagine X2T/pr $1298/pr
PSB Imagine XB/pr $499/pr

8024 – Focal/Naim (World premiere of an innovative series of loudspeakers from Focal)
Focal: Brand new new series

Naim Core $2595
Naim Uniti Nova $6995

8025 – Micromega
Micromega M-ONE 150 integrated amp $7499
Focal Sopra No.3/pr floorstanding/pr $19,999/pr

8030 – Krell
Krell Vanguard universal DAC $4500
Krell Duo 300 stereo amplifier $9500

Focal Sopra No.3/pr floorstanding speakers $19999/pr

8032 – Harman Luxury
Mark Levinson No 515 Turntable $12500
Mark Levinson No 519 Audio Player $20000
Mark Levinson No 585.5 Integrated Amp $16,000

Revel F228-Be floorstanding speakers $5000