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Here’s news from Rolling Stone on the upcoming Electric Ladyland box set:

Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Electric Ladyland’ Gets Massive Reissue for 50th Anniversary

Deluxe box set will feature, demos, outtakes, live recordings and a documentary

Half a century ago, when Jimi Hendrix began work on what would become his the final album to come out in his lifetime, Electric Ladyland, he was finding inspiration everywhere. “Jimi was very much in the realm of experimentation,” says one of the album’s recording engineers, Eddie Kramer. Kramer is seated in the control room of Electric Lady Studios, the New York studio Hendrix opened shortly before his death in 1970. “When I first started working with him, [Hendrix manager] Chas Chandler told me, ‘The rules are, “There are no rules.’ We could just kick down the doors to convention and experiment with wild things and Jimi’s sound.”

The results of their experimentation are all over Electric Ladyland, from an otherworldly phasing sound effect (“We were all freaked out by it,” Kramer recalls) to the different combos of musicians he brought in to jam with, such as members of Traffic and the Rolling Stones’ Brian Jones. A new, expanded box set release due out this fall will provide a 360-degree view of how it all came together. The Electric Ladyland deluxe edition will include the original album remastered, high-res audio, a 5.1 surround sound mix by Kramer, a disc of demos and outtakes and a live recording from about a month before its release along with a documentary about its creation.

Recording engineer Eddie Kramer.

The package, which comes out November 9th, will be available either as a three-CD and one Blu-ray set or a six-LP and one Blu-ray set. Famed engineer Bernie Grundman remastered the album from the original analog tapes and carried out an all-analog, direct-to-disc transfer for the vinyl edition. In addition to the documentary, titled At Last … the Beginning: The Making of Electric Ladyland, the Blu-rays contain the 5.1 surround sound mix and the original stereo mixes in 24-bit, 96 kHz sound. A pared-down version will be available on streaming services…

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