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2 Channel System

Hi I’m Patsy Rogers, the Lifestyle Designer at ListenUp, and today’s TechTip is about how to design your home entertainment center to maximize its function and style. We start with what size TV should you get for your room. An easy rule of thumb is to take the distance you sit from the TV in inches and divide it by 2. This is a general idea of the size TV for your room. Now you need to look at how big the wall is and what will look right on it. With all that TVs can do today (integrating with your computer, the Internet, and streaming movies) go for as big a TV as you think you can.

B&W Panorama Sound Bar

As for where you place the pieces (TV, speakers, components) in the room, it is all based on getting the most out of them. For the TV the height it is placed on the wall, whether wall-mounted or on a stand, is most important. If it is at all possible, have the TV at eye level when seated. This is the most comfortable height to view it. For the sound, you can go with a sound bar placed below the TV, a two-channel system with speakers to the right and left of the TV or a full surround sound system that can have many looks — from in-wall, that is barely seen, to on wall to towers and center speaker. One of the mistakes I commonly see is putting the speakers up high to get them out of the way. This is not necessary or functional. There are beautiful looking and sounding speakers that can go at ear level. The difference in sound will be very noticeable. The components (your cable/satellite box, Blu-ray player, receiver) can go in a cabinet right under the TV or, with our advanced system control, they can be in a closet completely out of view.

On Wall Surround Sound from GoldenEar

Now that everything is in the correct place how do you make it look like your home? If you go with an entertainment center there are any number of style options to choose from. If you put everything in a closet then there is the TV and what you do with it. For most of us, when it isn’t on, a large black rectangle on the wall is not the most appealing item to look at. So you can frame it to look like a picture. You can have artwork scroll down from the frame to cover it. You can also turn the TV into a piece of art and play your own photos on it. This becomes a great conversation piece at a party when your last trip is playing on the wall. And if a little more ambiance is what you want you can get Blu-rays of fireplaces or fish tanks. The TV has now become an integral part of the décor.

Art Work scrolling down over TV

So have no fear when getting a new home entertainment system. It can be seamlessly blended into your home to provide you with the latest in technology and years of enjoyment. The key to this is to have it designed appropriately for your home! We look forward to having you come in and see us about doing this for you! Watch more on our Video.