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It’s that time of year again: time to start thinking about what gifts to buy your loved ones. Finding that perfect present for your friend or family member who is a devoted audiophile might be a little challenging with the ever-changing technology available in the world of audio and music. However, if you can find the perfect music gift, you are sure to make their holiday one to remember.

To make your shopping a bit easier, here is a list of seven great holiday gift ideas to put a giant smile on the face of your audiophile friend or relative.

Sony Wireless Home Theater Headphones ($119.99)

These over-the-ear headphones cancel out external noise, immersing the listener in their music experience of choice. A top favorite on the list of music lover gifts, these headphones have a wireless range of more than 150 feet so the listener can move from room to room and never miss a beat.

Denon Envaya Mini DSB-100 ($149)

This portable, water-resistant speaker connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth, making it incredibly easy for your music lover to enjoy their favorite tunes on the go with Denon’s trademark, high-quality sound.

Focal Spark In-Ear Headphones ($69)

Over-the-ear headphones are great, but every audiophile needs a pair of good in-ear headphones as well for those quick, on-the-run days. This pair by Focal provides superior sound in a lightweight form with a tangle-free cord.

AudioQuest Beetle Headphone Amp ($198)

One of the more advanced gifts for music lovers, the AudioQuest Beetle will seriously upgrade their listening experience. With both USB and optical outputs, as well as Bluetooth streaming capabilities, the Beetle is nothing if not customizable.

Polk TSi 100 Speakers ($149.95)

The perfectly sized speakers to tuck into a bookshelf, this pair by Polk has vintage vibes that add a touch of style to any music lover’s space. With Dynamic Balance technology, the quality extends to the sound as well.

Sonos One Speaker ($199)

With everyone going wild over smart speakers and Amazon’s Alexa technology, the Sonos One speaker is a fun gift for your tech-savvy music lover. Voice-controlled, the speaker provides natural music quality.

AudioQuest Record Brush ($19.70)

This record brush is the perfect stocking stuffer for the record-loving audiophile in your life; one of those handy items that they may have never realized they needed.

Finding the perfect present for the music lover in your life can be tricky but ultimately rewarding, and our team at ListenUp is more than happy to help you find it. Check out our blog for even more great ideas and give your audiophile a wealth of musical memories.