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Bowers and Wilkins PX Headphones

Buying headphones for listening on the go is always a compromise. Longer battery life often means less powerful sound, while noise-canceling technology can leave music sounding a little flat. Wired headphones last longer, but they fail on the convenience front. The new Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) PX cans fix a lot of the issues that plague portable audio.

Crystal clear sound

If you want pounding bass that feels like a punch in the chest, these are not the headphones for you. The PX series delivers balanced sound that doesn’t over-emphasize the base or chop off the highs. Every tone comes through clearly with exceptional separation, so you can hear every element that goes into the music.


The feature list is what sets these B&W noise-canceling wireless headphones apart. Volume and playback controls are integrated into the cans so that you can adjust your settings based on your location. The auto-pause function preserves battery life by automatically shutting down when you aren’t listening. This function can be a little iffy tho, so be prepared for some false on/off moments.

The integrated microphone makes using these headphones for calls seamless over the Bluetooth connection. Good range means you don’t need to worry about dropping off or losing sound as you talk.

Comfort and look

The PX series comes in two colors — a muted space gray or soft gold. The slim design reads sleek and modern, a big step away from the classic styling of the P9 Signature. Though these new headphones feature an equally new look, the use the same driver from the P9 Signature model at less than half the price.