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Ken Micallef of Stereophile recently posted this glowing review of the Cambridge Audio Edge A integrated amplifier…

“I’ve reviewed many integrated amplifiers for Stereophile… None have provided me with as much simple, exuberant, at times jaw-dropping fun as Cambridge Audio’s Edge A.”

Cambridge Audio Edge A fornt and backOne summer in the mid-2000s I purchased a pair of Cambridge Audio components for my red-headed, tango-dancing Texas girlfriend. She quickly saw through my ruse to install some solid hi-fi in her New Jersey home away from home—but eventually she acquiesced, and soon Michael Martin Murphey (she), the Beatles (me), and Miles Davis (us) filled our weekends with music. Inspired by a Sam Tellig column I read around that time, I paired a Cambridge Azur integrated amplifier and CD player with a pair of Triangle Titus XS minimonitors. The sound produced by this quartet was clean, precise, and altogether pleasurable — for a total of about $1300.

Background on Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio — founded in 1968 and now based in London, with manufacturing facilities in China — is perhaps best known for its budget products. But in 2015, owner James Johnson-Flint, managing director Stuart George, and technical director Dominic Baker challenged their 20-strong design team to create three state-of-the-art components in time for the company’s 50th anniversary. Thus did Cambridge Audio develop their Edge series: the Edge NQ preamplifier and network player ($4000), the Edge W power amplifier ($3000), and the subject of this review, the Edge A integrated amplifier ($5000). Both amplifiers output 100Wpc into 8 ohms or 200Wpc into 4 ohms.

Via e-mail, Baker had this to say about the Edges:

“[The Edge line] is by no means a sudden leap into high-end. The CD1 two-box CD player was the first of its kind having the transport and DAC separated. It was the most expensive CD player in the world at the time. At Cambridge Audio we adapt to the market and our customers, and for our 50th anniversary we felt that the time was right for Edge. Whilst in terms of performance, we’re delighted that Edge is being talked about in the same breath as other product costing more, we wouldn’t necessarily refer to it as ‘ultra high-end’—it still lives up to our core brand promise of offering exceptional value.”

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