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Here are Focal’s best headphones under $1,500. Focal-Clear-3-4-and-caseFocal Clear has such a sense of openness, you’ll forget you’re even wearing headphones! Close your eyes and it’s as if you’re seated in the middle of a custom listening room with high-end speakers right in front of you. This is because of the inverted aluminum/magnesium alloy M-profile dome, which preserves breath and dynamics worthy of Focal’s finest high-fidelity speakers. The micro-perforated ear cushions, specially designed yoke, and luxury headband make Clear both light and comfortable. What you will hear is unparalleled uniformity, and what you will feel is a transcendent experience of music.

Focal Clear Open Back Headphones

Here’s what Steven Stone has to say about the Clear in
The Absolute Sound:

Mid-line components are often the most neglected in reviews and in consumer interest. Flagships get the raves, while entry-level models get approving nods for their value and economy. But when it comes to pure value for the money, those overshadowed mid-line models are often the best options. That’s exactly what you get from the Clear—a well designed, beautifully made, high-performance earphone that can deliver an exceptional musical experience. Is the Clear a giant-killer that can compete with higher-priced “reference-level” models? Yes and no. Both the Sony MDR-Z1R and the HiFiMan HE1000 V2 produced more extreme low-bass energy, but neither bettered the Clear in midrange purity, harmonic complexity, and imaging prowess.

Combine the Clear with a first-rate headphone amplifier, and you’ll have a headphone rig that should satisfy you for many years to come. And you can do this for far less than the cost of most manufacturers’ top-tier headphones. Just like the flagship models, the Clear delivers a nearly ideal combination of fine sound coupled with elegant design and quality construction, but unlike those more expensive headphones the Clear is available at a price within reach of a much larger percentage of listeners. The Clear, Focal’s “middle-of-the-road” headphone, could very well prove to be the road most traveled by value-conscious audiophiles.