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Experience vintage and modern sound technology through iconic Klipsch, McIntosh, and Pro-Ject.

Join Klipsch, McIntosh, and Pro-Ject at ListenUp’s Showroom for a listening event featuring the progression of these three iconic brands over time. You will be able to bounce from room to room experiencing jaw-dropping demonstrations of some of the world’s best speakers, amplifiers, and turntables.

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EoS Boulder    EoS Denver   EoS Springs

With over 140 years of combined expertise, both Klipsch and McIntosh have defined the world of premium audio. The Evolution of Sound with Klipsch, McIntosh, and Pro-Ject will take you on a journey throughout time. Bouncing from room to room in ListenUp’s Boulder, Denver and, Colorado Springs Showrooms, attendees will experience jaw-dropping demonstrations and educational background of Klipsch, McIntosh, and Pro-Ject’s renowned speakers, amplifiers, and turntables.

Klipsch’s Chief Engineer and founder Paul W. Klipsch’s protege, Roy Delgado, will be presenting on Klipsch’s long-standing heritage and their continued upholding of PWK’s founding principles. Representatives from McIntosh & Pro-Ject will also be speaking on the evolution of their iconic sound throughout the years. The classic MA275 Tube Amp from McIntosh will be featured, along with the latest tube amps. Plus, famous Klipsch horns experienced through La Scala, Forte, and Heresy III.

Beverages and snacks will be provided. 

Attendees will be able to enter into a raffle to win:

-One (1) grand prize of Klipsch HP3 Headphones ($1200 value)

-Two (2) second place prizes of McIntosh Coffeetable Books ($150 value each)

-Klipsch branded leather coasters, complimentary three (3) month TIDAL memberships, and additional promotional items will also be handed out during the event


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