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We shot the video above at Courtland’s home; at right, he’s at the KOA studio recording some of his radio spots for ListenUp.

Denver wide receiver Courtland Sutton recently worked with ListenUp on the A/V system for his new suburban Denver home. Senior Sales Consultant Scott Genaw helped him pick out the system, and Technical Operations Manager Jeff Blundell supervised the installation.

“Oh man, they were amazing, very very helpful,” says Courtland. “The first time I went to the store Scott showed me everything that you all have to offer which is great, because when I get ready to build my man cave, I’m definitely going back to ListenUp to get my home theater set up… For now, I went with a Sony OLED with a Sonos Playbar for the living room, and another Sony for the bedroom with a Playbase. I love the Sonos system! When I wake up I turn it on in my bedroom and my living room — it’s so cool to have it playing everywhere. I mostly use Spotify and Apple music, and there’s also a radio app that let’s me get the station from my hometown in Brenham, Texas!”

When asked if he’s happy about going with ListenUp, Courtland responds:

“Definitely! Everything was very easy. I didn’t have any complications with the set up, with the customer service. They gave me a full tutorial of how the TV worked, how they connected the Sonos through the TV. How through the app I can connect all the speakers at once. I can add speakers if I want more at some point. They showed me all these different things I can use and how it’s all really simple. They were very, very helpful, and I definitely recommend ListenUp to my teammates and other friends.”