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Commercial Audio/Video Systems

What your clients and customers see and hear when they enter your business makes a strong first impression. Crisp, clear images on strategically placed screens and audio playing at the right volume create a pleasant experience for your audience and visitors. Now, with advances in commercial automation services, you can have a system that runs itself, requiring very little attention from you. Learn more about what ListenUp can do for your business.


Experience Superior Audio with Premium Commercial Audiovisual Systems

In commercial environments, such as arenas and houses of worship, the audio system is different from the one you may have in your home. Instead of routing speakers to a receiver, the source of sound connects to an amplifier. It sends the music through a volume control input to a speaker. That speaker can connect to another speaker, which connects to another, and on it goes. This commercial method uses less wiring and fewer pieces of equipment while giving you more control and greater flexibility.


The versatile nature of a properly-installed commercial audio system lets you include various components to meet the unique needs of your business. Here are a few of the possibilities.

  • Public address systems
  • Digital signs
  • Video conferences
  • Background music
  • Outdoor speakers
  • Professional-grade televisions, both flat-panel and projection


Leading Commercial Automation Installation & Design

The idea of vibrant signage, relaxing background music, and eye-catching television screens are appealing, but it can also be intimidating. As a business owner, you may wonder how much it will cost to install and maintain all this technology. You want to consider whether your current staff is capable of operating the system or if you will have to hire someone to keep up with it all. The good news is that today’s system can be automated, which means they require little attention from you or your team members.


A commercial sound system that’s correctly matched to your business and properly installed puts the operation of your audiovisual components at your fingertips. The push of a button triggers the interaction between the elements to get the results you want. Whether you’re working from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, you can turn on screens, play music, or set up an automated schedule so that all the components run on autopilot.


ListenUp offers premium products from expert manufacturers like Crestron and Control 4 Commercial to give you and your customers the highest quality experience possible. Here are just a few of the solutions available to you:

  • The Crestron DM-NVX-D80-IoAV is a plug-and-play tool that lets your displays receive AV-over-IP. This configuration uses fewer cables and power supplies, making installation less expensive. You get the highest level of security and the ability to manage everything from one location.
  • Crestron DMPS Lite products are ideal for small areas like classrooms and small conference rooms. This setup requires no new wires and helps improve network connectivity.
  • Control 4 Commercial offers in-wall touch screens in 7″ and 10″ versions to give you full control. The design of the devices fits in smoothly with your decor. You get high-resolution graphics at your fingertips. Browse your playlists to change the background music, see visitors coming in and going out, and page your team members with the touch of an icon.
  • Control 4 Commercial products give you a single interface to control the display on multiple televisions. You can also put your lighting and HVAC systems on an automated cycle to reduce your utility bills.


Contact the Commercial Automation Experts at ListenUp Today


Whether you’re running a restaurant, a movie theater, or a concert venue, the sights and sounds your guests encounter when they enter your business affect their ultimate satisfaction. Let ListenUp help you take advantage of the latest technology to provide a premium audiovisual experience with the touch of a few buttons. Contact us today to get started!

ListenUp Commercial designs and installs audio/video/control and network systems for every commercial setting:
Corporate Environments
Houses of Worship
Government Offices and Schools
Restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs
Retail Stores and Common Areas
Sports Arenas


Here are just some of our specialties:
– Design and installation of audio and public address systems
– Professional-grade flat-panel and projection TVs
– Digital signage
– Audio/video IT networking
– Video conferencing
– Closed-circuit television
– Background/foreground music
– Advanced iPad/iPod apps and other remotes to control it all
– Outdoor Stadium Speakers

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