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Edge Series: The latest generation of “The British Sound”

In the 1960s three things happened simultaneously: British bands began to enjoy unprecedented global success, British studios led the way in recording technology and British manufacturers started to make the best hi-fi equipment in the world. Britain made a name for itself in all three areas but it was the studios and manufacturers that began to develop systems to capture and replay music as naturally as possible. Over time, this sound has become recognizably “British.”

For Cambridge Audio, “The British Sound” represents audio in its purest form. An unadulterated and true representation of what the artists intended when they first plugged in their gear at the recording studio. For want of a better phrase, they don’t like to “muck about” with the sound at all.

Luckily, some bright lads from Cambridge stepped up to the challenge of bringing not only affordable hi-fi equipment to the home, but hi-fi that didn’t add or takeaway anything from the original recording. As time marched on, so did the technology and trends in music. Whether it’s with records, cassettes, CDs, MP3s or now hi-res files, the folks at Cambridge Audio have always used their expertise and good ears to do what they do best: staying true to the British sound.

Rediscover music with Edge

In the build-up to the company’s 50th anniversary, Cambridge asked their engineers a simple question – what would they make if anything was possible? Forget cost. Forget limitations. Create a system that delivers previously undiscovered layers of detail, is highly transparent, offering superlative sound-staging. The result is the new Edge series.

“Stunning levels of industrial design and build quality that would be suitable in products costing two to three times as much.”
— Doug Schneider, Soundstage! Hi-Fi on the Edge A Integrated Amplifier

We currently have the new Edge A integrated amp in stock and on display, so we invite you to come in and have a listen. Edge A is the most detailed integrated amplifier from Cambridge Audio. It is made to celebrate musicality. Riffs, phrases, percussive rolls – take in every detail of your music thanks to its dynamic setup. Effortlessly powerful, but with incredible depth, the overall sound is breath-taking – like you’re sat in the recording booth with the musicians.

Coming soon will be the Edge NQ preamp/network player and the Edge W power amp.