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Exclusive offers from ListenUp

The Classé Sigma Series: Twice the power for half the price! ListenUp has made a Special Purchase on Classé Sigma Series components. We’re now offering these highly coveted models at a 50% discount, which is unusual for such high-performance audio gear.



Classé designed Sigma Series components to exceed expectations and  delight even the most seasoned audio enthusiasts. Their outstanding performance challenges critical listeners to identify any compromises that separate them from models costing two or three times their price. These components also demonstrate economy, from the careful choice of connections and features to their efficient use of electricity. They represent an informed design choice for music and theater systems when expectations for both value and performance are high.


We have three great models to choose from:

Classé Sigma 2200i Integrated Amplifier $5,500 $1,995

Classé Sigma AMP2 2-Channel Amplifier $3,500 $1,745

Classé Sigma AMP5 5-Channel Amplifier $5,000 $2,495

Here’s an informative video we did with Classé Brand Manager Dave Nauber on the Sigma Series 2200i integrated amp. Stay tuned to this blog and our other social media pages this week, as we’ll be posting more information and videos about the Sigma Series amps: