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New lineup includes Sony’s first 8K TVs

At their Monday night CES press conference, Sony introduced new Master Series TVs — including two massive 8K models! Here’s some info from their press release, a video of the new 8K TVs and a video of the event

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Sony-8K-TVThe BRAVIA MASTER Series Z9G (98″/85″), Sony’s first 8K LCD TVs, feature the next-generation image processor X1™ Ultimate equipped with 8K ultra-resolution algorithm custom database, enabling the 8K X-Reality™ PRO to up-convert any content to 8K resolution. Additionally, Sony’s unique and evolved Backlight Master Drive technology features a newly developed LED module and control algorithm optimized for 8K. The combination of these technologies brings high resolution and high contrast picture quality images to life in stunning fashion. Additionally, Acoustic Multi-Audio™ featuring four speakers located above and below the screen will make you believe the audio is coming right from the screen, achieving a high level of audio quality befitting the immersiveness of large-screen 8K images.

The new flagship 4K OLED BRAVIA MASTER Series A9G (77″/65″/55″) are approximately half*1 the thickness of previous models when wall-mounted, seamlessly blending into any space. In addition to X1 Ultimate, it features unique Pixel Contrast Booster™ panel control technology, which faithfully reproduces everything from the deepest blacks to the highest luminosity colors with stunning vibrancy. Alongside Acoustic Surface™ Audio+ technology that produces sound from the screen itself harmonizing the image and audio for a cohesive and immersive high-quality surround-sound experience and Center Speaker Mode*2, it is also compatible*3 with Dolby Atmos®, the latest audio format.

These TVs feature Netflix Calibrated Mode, which lets you enjoy a wide variety of entertainment from Netflix exactly the way the creators intended. Additionally, these TVs are part of the IMAX® Enhanced certification program that is the result of collaboration between Sony’s engineers together with IMAX, DTS® and content creators to faithfully deliver creators’ vision and intent.

  • *1Distance from front of the screen to the wall as compared to A9F Series when combined with compatible wall-mount unit.
  • *2Must be combined with existing home theater system.
  • *3Requires network update. Update scheduled for within 2019.