Back to Vinyl: Turntable Workshops

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An interactive turntable workshop for experienced listeners and beginners At ListenUp’s Turntable Workshops, we’ll up your vinyl game whether you’re already an enthusiast or just getting into it. You will learn how to set up and manage your turntable and cartridge, properly care for your records, find a better streaming/PC connection and much more. More experienced listeners… Read more »

Tips for choosing your perfect speakers

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Two informative videos from SVS President Gary Yacoubian There are always many factors involved in buying new speakers (or any equipment, for that matter), including the size of your listening room, your budget, what kind of music you play the most, etc. But when it comes right down to it, choosing the right speakers is… Read more »

MQA is here for AudioQuest DragonFly DACs!

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MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) in a nutshell Traditional encoding discards music information to reduce file size. MQA captures the entire signal and then “folds” it up; this file will play at above CD quality on any device, but on an MQA-capable player the file is completely unfolded to unlock the full MQA experience. This “audio… Read more »

Up close with the NAD M32 Direct Digital Amplifier

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NAD’s top-of-the line NAD Master Series M32 integrated amplifier utilizes their patented DirectDigital™ technology to dramatically reduce the noise and distortion common in amplifier circuitry. Combined with a 4-ohm- stable, Class-D amplifier delivering greater than 150 watts-per-channel, the M32 is capable of driving nearly any loudspeaker with clarity and finesse. This unit comes standard with six… Read more »

What can I do to make my new TV sound better?

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Updated 12/27/16: Hi, my name is Brian Norman. Welcome back to TechTip Tuesday here in Colorado Springs. Today’s topic will be on audio. Specifically the differences between TV speakers and supplemental audio options like sound bars, surround sound systems, and basic 2 channel set ups. Why does my new TV sound different than our old… Read more »