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Cambridge_Edge_Location_05-webCambridge Audio celebrates 50 years of audio innovation with Edge — their new, high-end hi-fi system

The Edge series from the UK’s leading hi-fi brand represents the culmination of 50 years of audio engineering expertise and sets a new standard for design and performance. ListenUp is excited to be one of the select authorized dealers where Edge will be available starting in June – and you can get a sneak peak at our Music Matters event, April 25-26.

A nod to the company’s heritage

The new series is named after Professor Gordon Edge, one of Cambridge Audio’s founders. He was an entrepreneurial force and and inventor of the company’s first product, the P40 integrated amplifier.

Edge features some of Cambridge Audio’s most innovative audio engineering to date:
• Short signal paths across the series. Edge W has just 14 components in the signal path.
• Unique Class XA amplification technology shifts the crossover point out of audible range, offering the sound quality of Class A but with more efficient performance.
• An opposing symmetry twin toroidal transformer design cancels out stray electromagnetic interference.
• Cambridge’s proprietary streaming platform, StreamMagic, has been updated to offer improved compatibility, meaning customers will be able to stream audio from a host of sources, including AirPlay, Spotify Connect, and Chromecast built-in, which allows streaming from a wealth of apps, including TIDAL. Additionally, Edge supports Bluetooth aptX HD.

These technologies come together to produce the best example of the pure, unfiltered “British Sound” for which Cambridge Audio is renowned.

The Edge series will consist of:

Edge A is an integrated amplifier offering incredibly detailed sound with the effortless power to match. Its sound is wonderfully balanced with clarity audible with every note. Listening to Edge A feels like the band is playing right in front of you.
Price: $5,000 (subject to change)

Edge NQ offers new levels of versatility for a pre-amplifier and network player. StreamMagic, the streaming module that powers NQ, has been improved, allowing Edge to play music from virtually any source. Also, Edge NQ’s printed circuit board and meticulous engineering reduces interference to ensure a clean sound.
Price: $4,000 (subject to change)

Edge W is the best power amplifier Cambridge Audio has ever made. With just 14 components in the signal path (where other similar products may have 30-40), Edge W delivers breath-taking, pure, unfiltered British Sound with incredible power: nothing added, nothing taken away.
Price: $3,000 (subject to change)