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Bowers & Wilkin’s newly revised 600 Series: High-end technologies for a song

b_w-603-blk-1The new B&W 600 Series is comprised of their entry-level bookshelf and floorstanding speakers — but “entry-level” in price only! This upgraded collection features technologies and materials developed for B&W’s higher end offerings, including the award-winning Continuum™ cone. The human ear is naturally tuned into sound in this frequency, and B&W has understood the power of the perfect mid-range presentation for over a generation. Paired with the incomparable Decoupled Dome Tweeter, these majorly upgraded models bring you layered, clear sound for music and movies. (See video below for more on the 600 Series’ advanced technologies.)

All new 600 Series speakers come in two new finishes: matte black and matte white.

The three-way 603 floorstander leads the range, featuring the 1-inch decoupled double dome tweeter, an FST midrange with 6-inch Continuum cone and two 6-1/2-inch paper cone bass drivers.

The 606 is the successor to the award-winning 685 S2. It’s a two-way bookshelf/standmount speaker with a 6-1/2-inch Continuum cone and the same 1-inch tweeter.

The smallest model in the new line, the 607, features a 5.1-inch Continuum cone and is designed to deliver “outstanding bass response and insight” from its compact cabinet.

There’s also a single center channel, the HTM6. It has the same dimensions as the previous HTM62 model, but features two 5.1-inch Continuum drivers flanking the 1-inch tweeter, with a longer voice coil and bigger magnet to better match the performance of the 603 floorstanders.

All three subwoofers — the ASW610XP, ASW610, ASW608 — are the same as the previous generation, apart from their finishes, which now match the rest of the range in matte black or matte white. \

We invite you to visit the store nearest you and hear these exciting new models for yourself.