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Avantgarde Acoustic: Purity meets performance

Avantgarde-logoObsessed by perfect sound, Avantgarde Acoustic has been creating prime quality horn loudspeakers and high-performance amplifiers at their facility in the picturesque Odenwald region of Germany since 1991. Awarded world-wide for excellence in sound and design, these unique horn-based designs are made for audio enthusiasts who esteem a truly unique and pure sound experience. We’re proud to announce that Avantgarde speakers are now available at ListenUp!

Please read more about this exciting new line, and check out an unboxing video we did at our Denver showroom and another one from Avantgarde that gives some background on the company.

duo_xd-redFrom the Avantgarde website:

“The horn principle is as old as the universe, maybe even older. Everybody knows the horn! In nature the principle of the horn technology is ubiquitous. Our mouth is a funnel, as are our ears. And we form our hands in the shape of a cuped funnel to amplify our voices and to improve the intelligibility when listening. Even the architectural design of the ancient amphitheater in Epidaurus is based on the acoustical principles of thehorn.

“A horn funnel effectively guides the motion of sound waves and thus substantially increases the sensitivity and effectiveness of sound radiations. A horn is the most natural and powerful way to amplify sound.”

The Duo XD

Our first offering from Avantgarde is The Duo XD, the latest version of the Duo horn system that has been in the company’s portfolio since 1994. Born of the same heart as the original Duo but with a different spirit, it features the same phenomenal spherical horn assembly combined with the significantly more powerful SUB231 XD subwoofer module. By utilizing two powerful 12-inch drivers, the dynamic headroom of the bass has been practically doubled, compared to previous Duo versions. The engine to push the twin drivers is the massive XD-1000 power block. This active module incorporates a 1000-watt Class-D amplifier with a plentiful power output, giving an impression of effortlessness, a sense that endless reserves of power remain.

Avantgarde Acoustic Duo XD Horn-based Speaker

“The DUOs sounded glorious, and far less colored than any other speaker I’ve heard employing horn-loaded drivers. The sound of massed choral voices was particularly sumptious, the speaker conjuring an eerie apparition of the original event. A true achievement. Not to be missed.” — A. Chasin,

“The DUO sound is high definition, and imaging is focused and delicate thanks to the system’s high sensitivity. The echo blends well to the sound. The reverb of instruments sound spreads across the soundstage, as if it is visibly recognized to the audience. True-to-life imaging has a convincing reality. Imaging is three-dimensional and perspective is very clear. The soundscape of the hall is almost visible to the eyes. Listen to this speaker in comfort in a large room and you will find a truly unique sound expression.” — Chitake Inoue, AUDIO ACCESSORY, JAPAN

“Once you listen to the DUO, you will find no way to escape from its sound. Don´t try to resist. It´s a feeling like a glass of icy-cold beer in hot summer night. For those audiophiles who got exhausted while wandering around various loudspeakers, and for those who love the looks of these extraodinary tower, the DUO is obviously an exit out of the ordinary.” — K. Nam, AUDIO, KOREA