Smart Home Expert Guide

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Smart Home Expert Guide

In the movies and television of years past, there were futuristic characters that lived in homes that had technology beyond the wildest dreams of the viewers at the time: robots who tackled the chores, electronics operated by voice commands, and appliances that were all able of “talking” to each other. As it turns out, our… Read more »

10 Best Gifts for People Who Love Electronics

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10 Best Gifts for People Who Love Electronics

Electronics are getting better and better all the time, and they make great gifts. Everyone loves to open a technologically innovative product over the holidays or on their birthday. Here are ten of our current favorites. Portable Speakers – Why leave the music at home? With portable speakers, you can play music for you in… Read more »

2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Televisions

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Buying guide to tv this holiday

Purchasing a television as a gift during the holiday season is guaranteed to put a giant smile on the face of your friend or loved one. Between sports lovers, film buffs, and those who enjoy a weekend of binging their favorite streaming series, just about anyone would be thrilled to unwrap a new television. When… Read more »

Holiday Gift Ideas 2017: What to Buy Your Audiophile

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music lover gifts from listen up

It’s that time of year again: time to start thinking about what gifts to buy your loved ones. Finding that perfect present for your friend or family member who is a devoted audiophile might be a little challenging with the ever-changing technology available in the world of audio and music. However, if you can find… Read more »

What can I do to make my new TV sound better?

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Updated 12/27/16: Hi, my name is Brian Norman. Welcome back to TechTip Tuesday here in Colorado Springs. Today’s topic will be on audio. Specifically the differences between TV speakers and supplemental audio options like sound bars, surround sound systems, and basic 2 channel set ups. Why does my new TV sound different than our old… Read more »

5 Great Reasons to Buy Your Next TV from ListenUp

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You won’t pay more to get better service at ListenUp. We monitor big-box stores and authorized online retailers to make sure we offer you the best video pricing, period. We offer a 3-Year Extended Warranty on your TV for only $99. Other stores charge up to $300 for the same level of protection. You will… Read more »

Crestron app turns iPad into a remote

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We’ve already seen how the iPhone can become a remote control for Sonos wireless audio systems simply by downloading an app. So it only makes sense that the upcoming release of the iPad will see it handle duties beyond the obvious e-reader capabilities that have been a big part of its rollout. One of the… Read more »