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Whole-house sound has never been easier

Today in Adventures in Streaming, Part 3, we’re taking a look at our top wireless systems. Digital technologies have created some great  breakthroughs in this area, making multiroom sound easier and more affordable than ever.

sonos-play-5-136416125058703901-170303153012Not too long ago, if you wanted music throughout your home you’d either have to put separate systems in several different rooms, or have an elaborate whole-house sound system. We’ve created many of these complex whole-house systems, but we also like the simpler solutions made possible by today’s wireless technologies. With these, you can enjoy music in every room you want, without having to run wires to every room.

All your favorite programming is at your fingertips

Today’s streaming wireless systems let you play all the music anywhere you want, including all the songs stored on your computer. With access to subscription music services such Spotify and Tidal, you literally have access to millions of songs. Internet radio brings you your favorite stations from around the world. Plus, you can do all sorts of cool stuff such as grouping all the rooms together so you can rock the whole house with the same song! Or, of course, control each room separately so everyone gets to hear what they want.

Here’s a look at three of our top wireless audio systems…

Sonos: The original wireless home sound system

Sonos-family-press-hero-1200pxAbout 15 years ago, more and more people were adding broadband networks to their homes. ListenUp co-founders Walt Stinson and Steven Weiner were convinced that wireless was the wave of the future. Around then Walt discovered Sonos, a then obscure startup out of California. He was very impressed with the Sonos system — its simple yet robust GUI, how it created its own mesh network, and its product assortment. Sonos offered their own all-in-one streaming speakers, and also the ability to bring streaming content to existing music systems.

So ListenUp became one of the early dealers of Sonos, and over the years we’ve brought this wireless infrastructure to hundreds of homes. Today Sonos stands as the best-known wireless music system in the industry. They’ve expanded their lineup to include soundbars and upgraded amps. Plus, the Sonos One smart speaker and Beam soundbar both offer Alexa voice control for the ultimate in convenience.

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Bluesound: Multi-room music, the hi-res way

Like Sonos, Bluesound is a wireless sound system that lets you play music in any and every room throughout your home. Choose music from your favorite streaming service or from a music library connected to your home network. Control where, at what volume, and when music plays with the free BluOS app for your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Bluesound’s main claim to fame is that it offers support for high-resolution audio. Hi-res tracks are either 24-bit/96kHz or 24-bit/192kHz, and contain up to 6.5x more data than standard CDs. This lets you hear all the detail of your favorite music in superior quality. You can stream uncompressed WAV (PCM), FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) and ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) music files over your existing WiFi network or a connected USB device. You’ll enjoy the kind of crisp and detailed sound that only an audiophile-grade system can deliver.

Built into every Bluesound Player is a revolutionary technology known as Master Quality Authenticated (MQA), which captures and delivers master quality audio from your favorite artists’ recording sessions to any room in your home. Each Bluesound Player includes a powerful decoder and audio renderer for the MQA system, allowing you to hear exactly what the artist recorded and approved in the studio.

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HEOS-5-HS2-Black-KitchenLifestyle_500pxHEOS by Denon: Play any song in any room

ListenUp became Denon’s first U.S. dealer back in 1974, and we sell more Denon A/V receivers than any other brand. HEOS is a wireless music system that allows you to control all your music effortlessly from anywhere in your home. All you need is one or more HEOS-enabled AV receivers or speakers and the free app. Plus, HEOS now works with Amazon Alexa voice control.

HEOS offerings include wireless speakers, soundbars, a multichannel amplifier, and streaming devices  to bring wireless capability to your existing system. HEOS now features compatibility with high-resolution audio files for the ultimate listening experience over network or USB. Listen to uncompressed WAV, ALAC and FLAC music files up to 24-bit/192-kHz. It also supports DSD (DSD is the audio coding format of SACD) and AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format) audio tracks.

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